When you think about colors, is there a particular color that immediately comes to mind? Does that color invoke happy thoughts or positivity?

Meditating by visualizing your preferred colors can do wonders for your mental health. We live in a hectic world, and the stresses of everyday life can negatively impact moods, drain energy and cause anxiety.

Color Breathing is a meditation technique designed to relieve stress and anxieties. Through Color Breathing, you can experience the power of color and it’s effects on your ability to live a happy and peaceful life.

What Is Color Breathing?

Color Breathing is a form of meditation that consists of visualizing colors to evoke emotion. Incorporate color breathing into your meditation exercises to assist in centering your attention and enhancing your awareness.

Breathing in colors can guide you into deep relaxation.

Color Breathing Techniques

The process of color breathing typically involves these steps:

  1. Get comfortable and relax
  2. Take deep, natural and rhythmic breaths
  3. Inhale for two seconds, exhale for four seconds
  4. Visualize a color
  5. Allow your thoughts and sensations to spread throughout your entire body
  6. Exhale while visualizing the color leave your body

If visualizing a specific color heightens your awareness more than other colors, focus on continuing with that color.

Breathing with different colors can assist you in reaching altered states of relaxation and can result in rejuvenation.

Benefits Of Color Breathing Meditation

There are a variety of ways to use color to help you relax and clear your mind. By finding the methods that work for you, you can reap the benefits of color breathing.

Color breathing specialists advocate the benefits below:

  • Guide yourself into deep relaxation and peacefulness
  • Relax and rebalance
  • Revitalize your energy levels
  • Invigorate your mind with creativity, joy, happiness and compassion
  • Experience clarity, enlightenment and deep thinking
  • Regain your inner power and balance

Other activities, such as art therapy coloring, utilize color to promote mental health and can result in benefits similar to color breathing. Coloring, for example, can soothe your thoughts and distract you from your stress.

You can engage in color breathing exercises any time, even during particularly stressful occasions. By regularly practicing color breathing you may be able to better balance your body’s unique energies.

Discover The Colors That Enable You To Achieve Mindfulness

Color breathing is a simple technique that can offer ample benefits. But millions of colors exist in the world. How do you know which colors create joy in you?

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color breathing

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