When selecting clothing items to wear, many individuals gravitate toward black. 

Often, black is perceived as a sleek and flattering color that not only minimizes the effort involved in selecting outfits, but, also minimizes the perception of the mass of the body.

Interesting enough, black is not a color, as black is devoid of color. White encompasses all colors, although, not considered a color, as well.

Many individuals accumulate a wardrobe full of the color black, yet are drawn to colors other than black. When analyzing why individuals frequently wear black, you will find that psychological factors contribute to this widespread tendency.

Depending on your optimal colors, wearing all black could benefit you or hinder you.

By understanding your optimal colors, you will have the knowledge of how to wear black fashionably and creatively.

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Why Do We Wear Black? 

Why do individuals wear black frequently or wear only black from head to toe? 

Contingent on who you ask, you will hear a variety of reasons behind the psychology of wearing black clothes.

Some people believe that black clothing accentuates or slims their figure. Others associate black with seriousness, tenacity or power and wish to convey this message or attitude to people. Additionally, black can appear elegant and sophisticated, however, so can the colors of navy, dark brown and charcoal.

Individuals who are adamant about wearing black may presume that they appear more attractive and authoritative and are influential. In truth, if black is not an optimal color for you, based on your DNA, the color black will drain the life from your skin and make you appear either sickly or invisible. An all black ensemble could lessen your ability to connect with people.

Colors should enhance your appearance and draw others to you. 

How To Wear Black 

Stylishly wearing black is possible for everyone, however, there are a few caveats, that once learned, will assist you with your complexion, appearance, style and confidence.

Below are a few tips on how to wear black fashionably, however, first discover your innate preferences, take the C Color Quiz and download the C Color App. The C Color Quiz will determine your C Color Spectrum or category of hundreds of thousands of genetically preferred colors. The C Color App will direct you in choosing the optimal colors.

The C Color ideology is predicted upon a color gene within your DNA. C Color has classified hundreds of thousands of colors into four C Color Spectrums. Millions of colors can be identified with the C Color database.

C Color Spectrums consist of colors that have a predominate base of one of the primary colors of blue, yellow and red. Each individual is either a C Color Spectrum 1, C Color Spectrum 2, C Color Spectrum 3 or C Color Spectrum 4.

There are millions of the color black and C Color Spectrum 1 and C Color Spectrum 2 wear the colors of  black. C Color Spectrum 1 wears a Cool Blue Ash Based Black and C Color Spectrum 2 wears a Cool Blue Based Black.

C Color Spectrum 3 and C Color Spectrum 4 wear the color of gunmetal. C Color Spectrum 3 wears a Warm Yellow Based Gunmetal and C Color Spectrum 4 wears a Warm Red Earth Based Gunmetal.

C Color Spectrum 3 and C Color Spectrum 4 can wear any color of black from the décolletage area downward.

If C Color Spectrum 3 and C Color Spectrum 4 individuals must wear black from the décolletage upward, a shirt or blouse underneath the black garment and/or a vest, scarf or large piece of jewelry that covers the décolletage will assist in reducing the less than optimal color. The objective is to lessen the color of black from around the neck and shoulders and in general, the décolletage area.

Above are examples of how each of the four C Color Spectrums can wear black and gunmetal colors.

Notice the differences in the four C Color Spectrums;

C Color Spectrum 1 Black is Cool/Blue Based, Less Saturated, Appears Rubbed with Ash

C Color Spectrum 2 Black is Cool/Blue Based, More Saturated

C Color Spectrum 3 Gunmetal is Warm/Yellow Based, Moderately Saturated

C Color Spectrum 4 Gunmetal is Warm/Red Based, Less Saturated, Appears Rubbed with Earth

What To Wear With Black 

Which colors best coordinate with black? With more than 16.7 million colors in the world, it is impossible to distill them down to a few combinations, however, favorable suggestions can be offered.

Ideal colors to wear with black include whites, creams, blues, purples, greens and browns, as these colors are not overwhelmed by the colors of black.

Wearing oranges and yellows with black can elicit thoughts of Halloween and bumble bees and intense reds combined with blacks, can create two strong colors that may conflict.

The C Color Methodology is based on a color gene within your DNA. You are intrinsically drawn to your favorite colors. C Color determines which of the four C Color Spectrums you belong to and provides you personalized color consulting.

C Color is the first and only company to quantify intuitive color preferences. Quantifying intuitive color preferences is the specialty of C Color and that Ideology and the C Color Methodology will assist you in living life in your optimal color environment.

Per the C Color methodology, all individuals can wear virtually all colors. It is the predominate base of the color that is critical. Each C Color Spectrum has a base of one of the primary colors of blue, yellow and red.

Live Life With C Color and Enliven Your Black Wardrobe 

All individuals belong to one of the four C Color Spectrums and your C Color Spectrum is determined by your DNA. You are born with inherent color preferences, but, over the years, fashion trends, celebrities or the influences of friends and family can dictate your color choices.

As a result, you may wear, use or shop for colors that are not optimal for you. Your C Color Spectrum colors are optimal for you and consist of hundreds of thousands of colors. The C Color database can actually identify millions of colors. 

To discover your natural desire for color, begin by taking the simple, five minute C Color Quiz. The goal of the C Color Quiz is to select the color quadrant that immediately catches your eye. In doing so you are following your innate color preferences. Thinking about your color choices will skew your results, as the accurate results of the C Color Quiz are based on intuitive selections, not thought choices.

The C Color App on your mobile device will be programmed to your C Color Spectrum and will ascertain whether or not the colors that you choose are within your C Color Spectrum.

Use the C Color App to photograph clothing, accessories, cosmetics, home, office, automobile; interiors/exteriors and everything else in your world, to identify your optimal colors. By wearing, utilizing and living in the colors within your C Color Spectrum, your wardrobe and all else will harmonize and blend with ease, offering comfort and convenience.

While shopping in stores or online, take a photo at a distance of the item that you desire, adjust the Lighting and Filters features of the photograph, to match the color of the item that your eye sees, choose a zoomed in section of the pure color, even if blurred, to match and the C Color App will determine whether or not the color is within your C Color Spectrum.

The Lighting Slider feature on the C Color App assists with the Temperature of the photograph that you have chosen to match.

The Filters offered on the C Color App assist with the Lighting adjustments of the photograph that you have chosen to match.

With the assistance of the C Color App, you can create the optimal colored outfits accompanied with the colors of black and hundreds of thousands of other colors, as well.

If you wear all black, rethink your choice, rethink your wardrobe, rethink the colors in your life, with the C Color App.

The C Color App, as the 21st Century Palette and Color Consultant is the expert Eye, that meets your color needs, answers your color questions, assists you in color decision making and saves you thousands of dollars by eliminating misguided color choices.

The C Color Methodology can enable you to look, think, feel, act, learn and heal your best, whether you belong to a C Color Spectrum that wears black or not.

Ready to revitalize your wardrobe and fill your life with color? Download the C Color App and take the C Color Quiz today!