Color and fashion are powerful tools, but pairing the right colored garments to create a chic, effortless look requires a specific eye.

Fortunately, you do not need hundreds of dollars or hours of your day to uncover the best colors for you. Color analysis apps offer professional color consulting advice at the palm of your hand.

More color analysis apps are emerging to help men and women navigate daily color decisions. Whether you struggle with coordinating outfits, selecting décor or finding cosmetics that make your skin pop, a color analysis app can help.   

Today, we cover seven color analysis apps that you might find beneficial to your needs:

  1. C Color App
  2. All Eyes On Hue App
  3. Colour By Dezine
  4. Shopping My Colors App
  5. App
  6. Color & Style
  7. Color RX

What Are Color Analysis Apps? 

Color analysis apps are programs that help you determine your colors and guide you in making everyday color decisions.  

Most color analysis apps were created to assist people with fashion choices.  

For example, if you are uncertain which colors look best on you, some color analysis apps provide a questionnaire to help you discover your palette. As you shop, you can refer to those colors to narrow your clothing choices. Some apps also have built-in color matching technology to confirm whether an item’s color is within your predetermined palette or color group.

One color analysis app even taps into your inherent color preferences to help you discover the colors you are genetically drawn toward. Read on to learn more about these color analysis apps and their distinctions. 

7 Color Analysis Apps  

1. C Color App

The C Color App is the only personal color analysis app on the market. C Color is revolutionary and the only DNA based color analysis application.

The C Color ideology is based on a color gene. Therefore, your genetic color preferences determine your C Color Spectrum.

By identifying the base of each color, C Color has classified hundreds of thousands of colors into four trademarked C Color Spectrums.

The C Color App is programmed to your C Color Spectrum and in a sense embodies your color palette, consisting of hundreds of thousands of colors, unlike existing color analysis theories.

The C Color App’s color matching technology confirms whether or not the color of any item chosen is within your C Color Spectrum.

The C Color App was created to assist you in choosing the optimal colors for all areas of your life, based on your color gene.

How The C Color App Works

  • Take the C Color Quiz to determine your C Color Spectrum.
  • Use the C Color App to take photographs or select photographs from your mobile gallery of the items in your world.
  • Color correct the lighting and temperature of the photograph.
  • The C Color App will confirm whether or not the color of the item is within your C Color Spectrum.

Tips And Insight 

When taking the C Color Quiz, select the colors that immediately catch your eye. Please note that overthinking these decisions can introduce bias and skew your results.

For a limited time, the CEO of C Color will provide a personal color evaluation to confirm or adjust the results of your C Color Quiz.

Hold the camera at a distance from the item, take the photograph in even lighting conditions and if garments are to be identified, capture the colors worn closest to the face.

The C Color App is your personal Color Consultant at your fingertips on your mobile device.

Download the C Color App and take the C Color Quiz.

2. All Eyes On Hue App

All Eyes On Hue is a portable color match app that uses the 4 Season Color Analysis method to generate your color palette.  

This color analysis app also has two built-in, augmented reality features called Snapshot and Movie. Snapshot identifies your colors in a picture, and Movie allows you to scan any landscape in real-time to pinpoint clothing worth checking out while shopping. 

How The App Works 

  • Use the app’s FindMySeason tool to determine your season. 
  • A color palette with a description of your season will appear. 
  • Then, choose to browse your colors, or use the Snapshot or Movie features to scan clothing and locate your preferred colors. Colors in your seasonal color palette will be visible and unsatisfactory colors will be bright red.  

Tips And Insight 

Many factors like lighting and shadows can affect the appearance of colors.  

When discovering your season, taking your picture outdoors will deliver the most accurate results. Be sure to take this selfie where the sun is not directly shining in your face.  

Keep in mind that when using features like Movie in stores, poor lighting can reduce the efficacy of the app.  

3. Colour By Dezine 

Colour By Dezine is an online color analysis app that uses a five-step process to locate your personal color palette from 15,000 options. 

How The App Works 

  • Upload a photo of your face that includes your hair. 
  • Select the season that looks best against your face. 
  • Choose your skin color from 24 tile options. 
  • Select your natural hair color from 36 tile options. 
  • Choose your eye color from 43 tile options. 
  • Your picture will appear with opposing color seasons on either side. Click through each, self-selecting which season looks best. 
  • Finally, your official season will appear with a detailed description of your palette and the option to purchase physical color samples of your palette. 

Tips And Insight 

Your skin, hair and eyes consist of dozens of colors. When selecting these colors in the quiz, choosing the closest option will be generally helpful but not exact.  

The application also requires you to select colors that you believe look best next to your face. However, you may struggle to definitively answer this question and can receive conflicting opinions. Like any seasonal color analysis test, you may get a different result when retaking the quiz.  

Lighting can also affect the results, so be sure to upload a selfie that was taken in a well-lit room or outside.  

4. Shopping My Colors App

Shopping My Colors is an informational mobile color analysis app designed for people interested in learning more about seasonal color analysis. The app provides advice for hair and makeup color as well as accessory color recommendations. This application does not determine your color palette for you as other apps do.  

Tips And Insight 

Shopping My Colors is geared toward individuals who intend to pay extra for individual color consulting with the app’s creator, Carol Brailey. Once you have paid for the app itself, you can watch YouTube videos detailing the various color seasons and how to determine yours. 

However, these videos are also available to watch for free on YouTube. Carol Brailey offers color analysis services for additional fees. 

5. App is another color analysis app that is based on the seasonal color analysis method. If you do not know your season, you can use its self-analysis system as a guide.  

How The App Works 

  •  Determine your color palette with’s self-analysis system. 
  • A personal palette with 30 colors is presented for free with the option to view more of your palette colors for an additional cost. 
  • View colors in your palette in various fabric options to see how the color changes depending on the texture. 
  • Use the Color Picker feature by laying your mobile phone camera over a fabric you like. The color will be analyzed, and you can see whether it aligns with your color palette. 

Tips And Insight 

When performing the self-analysis to find your season, move the cursor to the most prominent area of your hair, face and eyes. It can be challenging to know which area to select, as the digital color vastly changes as you move the cursor around these areas.  

6. Color & Style 

The Color & Style app is simple and straightforward. Choose your hair, eye and skin colors, and your suggested colors will display.  

This color analysis app is for both men and women and virtually displays a personalized catalog of suits in your color palette.  

Tips And Insight 

Reviewers of this app have noted that it does not account for unnatural or multi-tone hair colors, similar to most color analysis apps. The app also requires you to select your hair, eye and skin colors, so the results can vary as your hair and skin colors change.  

7. Color RX

The Color RX application provides you with a quick, virtual color consultation based on your hair and eye color combination. Unlike other color analysis apps, this app does not analyze your photo.  

How The App Works 

  • From a grid of hair colors, pick the one closest to your own. 
  • Follow the same process for your eye color. 
  • From here, the app provides you with a seasonal color palette as well as considerations relating to a season. 

Tips And Insight 

While this application provides users with introductory information on the commonly used seasonal analysis method, skin tone is not assessed.

Select The Right Color Analysis App For You

Exterior feature based color analysis apps have brought attention to the significance of color, but it is important to understand their limitations.

Most color analysis apps do not account for your inherent color preferences. That means external biases, such as fashion trends or the opinions of friends and family, can influence your daily color decisions and steer you away from the colors that actually work for you.

C Color is the only DNA based color analysis method. The C Color App identifies the colors that can enable you to look, think, feel, act, learn and heal your best. With the C Color color analysis app, you can identify your most optimal colors and save thousands of dollars by eliminating misguided color choices.

Ready to experience the C Color difference?

Download the C Color App!