You are presented with thousands of color choices every day, from the clothing you wear to the décor that adorns your home.

Studies show that color influences your mood and mental stamina. Surrounding yourself with colors that you are genetically drawn toward can elicit positive thoughts, emotions and behavior. When exposed to these innate preferences, you can also learn and retain information better and your overall health and wellness can flourish.

Conversely, living amidst suboptimal colors can dampen your mood, stifle creativity and produce internal discord, all that can impair your well-being.

The right color consultant can assist you with learning more about colors that enlighten your environment and lifestyle.

Color Consultants

Where should you start when looking for a color consultant? A search result might yield several different types, including personal and fashion color consultants, hair or makeup color consultants or office and home color consultants.

Learn more about seven popular types of color consultants.

Always practice caution when selecting a personal color consultant, as they may subscribe to a color methodology that will not benefit you.

It is imperative that you understand the color theory that he or she employs, as that will directly affect the experience and of course, your results.

Conventional color theories rely on an imperfect, narrow framework to explain the psychological effects of color in the context of fashion, design, marketing, branding and productivity.

But these theories ignore the millions of colors that exist in the world and each individual’s innate, DNA based color preferences.

Studies surrounding color psychology are also inconsistent, reinforcing the gaps in modern color theories. Individuals self report the feelings that certain colors elicit. However, this approach ignores external forces, such as family, friends and trends, that can influence how individuals internalize colors and cause them to deviate from their inherent preferences, thus, skewing the results.

Personal color consultants who follow these imperfect guidelines may offer their clients incorrect or misguided advice, regarding color choices.

Of the 16.7 million colors in your world, one color of blue will not necessarily resonate with a broad audience. While a particular shade of blue may be calming to you, someone else may perceive that hue as drab or garish or discomforting.

So how do you navigate a world of infinite color choices to live a happier, healthier, more fulfilled life?

A More Accurate Approach To Color Consulting

The C Color methodology utilizes a genetic approach to understand the effects of color and prescribe color recommendations. C Color takes into account that there are millions of each color that could apply to you.

Our proprietary technology evaluates the base of each color and categorizes hundreds of thousands, out of the millions of colors in the world, into four distinct C Color Spectrums. The C Color ideology is based on a color gene within your DNA. 

For instance, you may prefer Cool Ash Blue Based red colors, while another person prefers Warm Yellow Based red colors. The determinant is your innate preferences, based on your DNA. 

What Is A C Color Consultant?

Unlike traditional color consultants, a C Color consultant understands your genetic C Color Spectrum and aids you in selecting the colors that can enhance your attitude and livelihood. By returning to your inherent color preferences you can look, think, feel, act, learn and heal your best.

The C Color ideology includes the C Color Quiz and The C Color App. The C Color Quiz identifies your generic C Color Spectrum and the C Color App determines whether or not a color is within your C Color Spectrum. 

The C Color App, as the expert Eye is accurate, meets your needs, answers your questions, assists you in decision making and saves you thousands of dollars by eliminating misguided color choices. 

6 Benefits Of A Personal C Color Consultant

Color is a powerful tool and can assist you in living a more fulfilled life. Additionally, your confidence improves when you trust your intuitive self, as your preferences are DNA based.

The C Color App brings a personal color consultant to your mobile device. As you encounter daily decisions regarding color, the C Color App assists you in identifying the optimal colors.

Below are a few ways a genetics focused personal C Color consultant can assist you in enhancing your appearance and well-being.

1. Gain An Expert Eye Anytime, Anywhere

Whether you are shopping for clothing or office décor, in stores or online, the C Color App provides an accurate, expert Eye to guide all of your color choices.

When utilizing the C Color App, as your personal color consultant, you gain instant access to a trusted color confidant whenever or wherever you require assistance.

2. Save Thousands Of Dollars On Misguided Color Choices

When you allow fashion trends and the opinions of friends and family to influence your color choices, your closet can quickly grow into a collection of mismatched garments.

Deferring to the C Color App to verify your clothing purchases can save you thousands of dollars and be timely and efficient when shopping in stores or online.

Simply take a photo of the clothing or accessory that you are evaluating, adjust the lighting on the C Color App and the C Color Expert Eye will reveal whether or not the color is within your C Color Spectrum.

Women wearing red.

With the C Color App, choosing any item, including clothing, accessories, home and office; interiors/exteriors, automobiles etc. becomes simple and effortless. 

3. Learn How To Style Outfits With Ease

C Color’s Expert Eye identifies the colors within your C Color Spectrum that will add a glow and flawless aspect to your complexion, thus, enhancing your appearance and increasing your self esteem.

Using the C Color App enables you to maximize the wardrobe you already own. Simply take a photo of an article of clothing in your closet and the C Color App will reveal whether or not that color is within your C Color Spectrum.

Once all the colors in your closet are within your C Color Spectrum, creating ensembles will be effortless, as you will have achieved color harmony. In other words, clothes coordinate and blend with ease and convenience.

4. Improve Your Mood

With C Color, all of the colors in your C Color Spectrum can produce feelings of calm, peace, serenity, comfort, energy, excitement, etc. As a result, when living in your C Color environment, your attitude, mood and general outlook can improve.

Decorating the interior and exterior of your home based on your innate, genetic color preferences can also create a calming, uplifting and motivational ambiance. The same is true for your office interior and exterior.

5. Sharpen Your Mental Clarity And Promote Health

Adorning your home and workspace with the optimal colors can stimulate your brain, promote a clearer state of mind and activate your body’s natural healing capabilities.

With a stimulated brain and enhanced mental clarity, work can become more rewarding. In turn, you are more likely to accelerate your career in a positive trajectory.

6. Look And Feel More Confident

When you look and feel better, you also exude an aura of confidence, that attracts people to you and compliments abound.

With the help of the C Color App, you can be assured that the items that you choose or purchase can enable you to look, think, feel, act, learn and heal your best.

Live Life In Color With C Color™ 

Wearing and surrounding yourself with the optimal colors can improve your attitude, add a glow to your complexion and attract people toward you.

To discern the hues that can produce feelings of joy, a vibrant appearance and a sense of well-being, you must first determine your C Color Spectrum, that is the result of an innate color gene.

Take the C Color Quiz to determine your C Color Spectrum, and utilize the C Color App to gain your own personal color consultant at your fingertips.

Download The C Color App And Take The C Color Quiz

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