Color is a catalyst for mental clarity and can inspire thought. When wearing your optimal colors, well being can ensue and as such, result in positive thinking.

Wearing less than optimal colors washes out your complexion, and your features disappear. Essentially, you vanish. The wrong color choices can also negatively affect your demeanor and disposition, which, in turn, can impair your thinking.

To be at your optimal self, your body must be in unison. Ideally, optimal thinking requires clarity and a positive state of mind. When you look your best, you can think your best.

Redefine The Way You Think About Color

In spite of the articles that state that certain colors evoke certain thoughts, C Color advocates that all colors in your C Color Spectrum can activate favorable thoughts and coherent thinking.

The color itself does not produce the favorable or unfavorable thoughts, but rather the Spectrum of the color.

The C Color ideology is based on a color gene within your DNA. Thus, you are born with innate preferences toward colors. C Color has classified the myriad of colors in the world into four C Color Spectrums. The base of the color determines its C Color Spectrum, which is one of the primary colors of red, green, blue, and yellow.

When you surround yourself with colors within your C Color Spectrum, you are following an inherent trait, and as such, your mental stamina can improve.

When the colors in your environment are not ones that you inherently prefer, the colors can drain your energy, can cast a pall over your mood, and can cloud your thinking.

Based on the C Color ideology, the colors that have a positive impact on your thoughts are the colors within your C Color Spectrum.

Use The C Color™ App To Stimulate Cognition

Cognition is a holistic approach to learning and comprehending through thought, experience and the senses. The C Color ideology is based upon a color gene within your DNA, thus, ascertaining your C Color Spectrum can be beneficial to your mental dexterity.

To discover your instinctive color preferences, simply take the five minute C Color Quiz. The C Color App then assists you in making optimal color choices based on your innate DNA preferences, serving as your personal color consultant at your fingertips.

While shopping in stores or online, take a photograph of the item that you desire, adjust the lighting and temperature of the photograph, choose the color to be matched, and the C Color App will determine whether or not the color is within your C Color Spectrum.

The Filters offered on the C Color App assist with the lighting adjustments of the photograph that you have chosen to match.

The Lighting Slider feature on the C Color App assists with the temperature of the photograph that you have chosen to match.

While at home, you can utilize the C Color App in the same fashion as when shopping at stores or online to determine whether your clothing and color environment fall within your C Color Spectrum.

Once all of the colors in your closet are within your C Color Spectrum, creating ensembles will be effortless, as you will have achieved color harmony. In other words, clothes coordinate and blend with ease and convenience.

C Color Spectrums

All individuals can wear virtually all color. However, incorporating colors within your C Color Spectrum near your face and from the chest upward is imperative to a glowing, flawless complexion.

Once you return to your innate color preferences, the majority of your wardrobe will be within your C Color Spectrum and as such, coordinate effortlessly.

The same is true for your living spaces, office spaces, automobiles, websites, and all else in your world. Once the colors of your environments and marketing materials that represent you are composed of the colors within your C Color Spectrum, all coordinate effortlessly, and you can look, think, feel, act, learn, and heal your best.

Think Clearer In Your C Color™ Spectrum

Clear thinking is defined as reasoning unclouded by biases, prejudices, hopes, and fears and uncritically accepted assumptions or facts.

C Color encourages you to wear and surround yourself with the colors within your C Color Spectrum, as they can energize you, can stimulate your brain, can facilitate clear thinking, and can improve mental stamina.

The optimal colors can not only enable you to think more clearly, but can also enhance your appearance, can produce feelings of well being, can motivate you to act your best, can assist you in absorbing new concepts more readily and clearly, and can aid you in healing.

Using the accurate C Color Eye, the C Color App meets your needs, answers your questions, assists you in decision making, and saves you thousands of dollars by eliminating misguided color choices.

Unleash the secret of your DNA and Look, Think, Feel, Act, Learn and Heal your best today!

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