Redecorating your home on your own can be a big undertaking. When it comes to interior design and decorating, you want to ensure you get every detail right.

Luckily, modern online design services now make it easy to access skilled interior designers at the click of a button.

So how do you get started? With many online interior design services to choose from, you might have difficulty finding the right service for your needs. Today, we break down six popular online interior design services and tools that can accommodate various budget and style needs so you can create a home you love.

  1. Havenly
  2. Modsy
  3. Wayfair
  4. Decorist
  5. Decorilla
  6. Homepolish

Do I Need A Virtual Interior Design Service? 

Working with an online interior design service offers several benefits.

These services can give you flexibility, accessibility and convenience and may fit your lifestyle more favorably than working with a traditional in-person interior designer.

If you are strapped for time, have a limited budget or just want to ditch the hassle of scheduling meetings and working with lengthy timelines, you may prefer an online interior design service.

Typically, online design services lay out expectations on the spot and charge flat fees based on room type or designer experience level. Depending on the service, you are also guaranteed models or floor plans with a limited number of revisions, plus furniture and product recommendations with discounts.

By knowing exactly what you get, you can work more efficiently with your designer, which cuts costs and eliminates time spent on extraneous tasks. Furthermore, online interior designers do not need to spend time traveling to and from your home, meaning a faster turnaround time for deliverables and revisions.

Some individuals may be more comfortable working with interior designers in person and that is understandable, as well.

After all, when design professionals can walk through and immerse themselves in your home, they can better understand your needs and how to fulfill them.

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6 Online Interior Design Services For Every Budget

If you have decided to opt for an online interior design service, check out these six popular picks that help you make the right decision for your decorating and remodeling needs.

1. Havenly

Havenly offers comprehensive, budget-friendly design services. 


  • Consult: $19 Per Room, One Design Board With Recommendations
  • Mini: $79 Per Room, Choose Designer, Work One On One, Three Initial Ideas, Final Concept, Including Multiple Revisions, Online Shopping List, Purchasing Services
  • Full: $169 Per Room, Same Features As Mini Plan, Plus Layout Visualization And Custom Floor Plans

Havenly’s price point is competitive, however, the platform does not specify the designers you would work with nor, their experience levels.

2. Modsy 

The Modsy experience begins with a style quiz, which assigns you a style preference that your designer uses as a starting point for your room design. Your designer can also work with existing furniture, though Modsy charges a fee for each item you incorporate into the design.


  • Classic: $69 Per Room, 3D-Room Model, Unlimited Revisions, Ability To Give Feedback With Option, However, Designer Unable To Respond
  • Premium: $149 Per Room, One On One With Interior Designer, 3D-Room Model, Unlimited Revisions
  • Multi-Room: $349 Three Rooms, Same Features As Premium Plan, Dedicated Designer, Full Project Three Rooms

If you intend to design at least three rooms, Modsy offers the best package deal. Modsy is also ideal for the indecisive, as they offer unlimited revisions.

3. Wayfair 

In 2018 E-commerce home goods company Wayfair  launched design services.

You are offersed Based on your responses to an initial questionnaire, you are given a few designers to choose from.


  • Consultation: $29 Per Session, Chat With Expert For Product/Design Recommendations Up To Two Items
  • Lite: $79 Per Room, Unlimited Messaging/Two Weeks, 30 Minutes Phone Time With Designer, Mood Board/Two Revisions, On Line Shopping List, Purchasing Services
  • Classic: $149 Per Room, Unlimited Messaging/Three Weeks, One Hour Phone Time With Designer, Room Design/One Revision, Final Floor Plan

Wayfair might be a good solution for those who already shop on the website and are comfortable with their services and products. Pricing is also on the affordable end.

4. Decorist 

With Decorist, you can work with a compatible interior designer at the experience level of your choice.


  • Classic: $299 Per Room, Two Design Concepts, Final Design/Floor Plan, Online Shopping List, Purchasing Services, Direct Messaging With Designer
  • Elite: $599 Per Room, Experienced Designer-5 Years, Plus Same Features As Classic Plan
  • Celebrity: $1,299 Per Room, Well Known Interior Designer, Two Initial Mood Boards, Design Concepts, Final Design With Floor Plan, Online Shopping List, Purchasing Services, Dedicated Project Manager

If you have a quick design question, the Decorist website also gives you access to a designer to gain assistance in one area, whether you have a color question, design dilemma or need help locating items or selecting colors.

Decorist offers flexible pricing plans with straightforward expectations. You are paying for designer expertise, so if experience level is a key consideration for you, you might feel more comfortable with Decorist.

5. Decorilla 

Decorilla emphasizes the high quality of 3D designs and floor plans. You can choose from two selected designers.

Prices vary based on room type and designer experience.

  •  $449: Mid-Level Experienced Designer, Small Space/Hallway/Patio
  •  $1699: Industry Leader Larger Area/Combined Living, Dining Room

You can also purchase custom design package with hourly rates ranging from $75 to $500.

Decorilla is more costly than its competitors, but, if your home has a unique layout or requires custom designs, Decorilla may be a better fit. Other services may be too limiting and certain required features not offered.

6. Homepolish 

Homepolish is a virtual concierge that helps you find the right interior designer for big projects.

After providing information about your requests, you can meet with your designer for a complimentary consultation (virtually or in person, depending on your location). Your designer will build a proposal with provide time and cost estimates. If necessary, Homepolish will send a team of contractors or architects to complete the desired work.

Rates are hourly, depending on the designer and the scope of the project. Expect to pay at least $349 per hour with a 10-hour minimum.

Homepolish is best for those who require major renovations. It is more pricey, but, combines the flexibility of virtual assistance and the benefits of a detailed, personable experience.

Discover The Perfect Décor Colors With C Color 

Online interior design services are cost-effective, helping you get the job done quickly and efficiently. However, does your new interior complement your long-term living situation and well-being?

It is crucial to do your homework and know your style preferences and optimal colors before signing up for a service or meeting with a designer for a consultation.

Designing your home with your optimal colors will enhance your environment and can promote mental, emotional and physical well-being

Trends in color and décor and the opinions of friends, family or the media can easily sway your interior design decisions and leave you with finished products that are unsatisfying.

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By applying the C Color ideology into the interior design process and utilizing the C Color App in conjunction with an online interior design service, you can save time and money and be confident that the color choices for your home décor are accurate.

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