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The C Color™ App Identifies The Optimal Colors For Clothing, Accessories, Cosmetics, Hair Colors, Home, Office, Automobile; Interiors/Exteriors And Everything Else In Your World

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There are an infinite number of colors in the world.

The C Color™ App assists you in choosing the colors that are exemplary for you predicated upon your innate DNA preferences.

There are an infinite number of colors in the world.

The C Color™ App assists you in choosing the colors that are exemplary for you predicated upon your innate DNA preferences.

Take the C Color Quiz

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C Color

People are intrinsically drawn to their favorite colors. C Color is the first and only company to quantify intuitive color preferences. Quantifying individuals’ color intelligence is the specialty of C Color and that Ideology and the C Color Methodology will assist you in living life in your notable color environment.

How to Use the C Color App

Color can instantly beautify your appearance. There are 16.7 million colors in the world and you wear millions of blues, yellows, reds, greens, purples, burgundies, grays and so forth. All of the colors in your C Color Spectrum will add a glow and flawless quality to your complexion, thereby improving your physicality. C Color gives you the ability to express your definitive self and allows you to shop and dress with assurance with the C Color App as your handheld color specialist.

Color is a catalyst for mental clarity and can inspire positive thought. Your focus, mental stamina and cognition can be augmented when you are surrounded by the colors within your C Color Spectrum, as your environment is aligned with your latent predispositions.

Color can impact your emotional and mental well-being, influence your moods and soothe your soul. Feeling is to be conscious of emotional matters, as feelings, if allowed, can overcome rational thought. Surround yourself with the colors that empower you to feel your best and you can be your best.


Color not only beautifies you and improves your state of mind and your emotional well-being,  color can also favorably affect your actions. Your deeds define you and can bolster your self esteem. When you are looking, thinking and feeling well, you will act well, as humans are unified beings.

Color can be utilized to stimulate the regions of your brain and that can heighten your ability to grasp and digest information. Raised concentration, mental energy, discernment and awareness can be attributed to the power of color. The colors in your environment can either intensify or inhibit your capacity to learn.

Color environments that are created with the colors from your distinctive C Color Spectrum can be conducive to your healing, whether mental, emotional or physical wellness is being addressed. The unequaled colors can have a restorative effect upon your state of mind, your emotional well-being and your physical welfare.


Wearing and employing the colors from within your C Color Spectrum can enhance your appearance, can enable you to think more clearly, can produce feelings of well-being, can motivate you to act your best, can assist you in absorbing new concepts more readily and distinctions and can aid you in healing.


Color Is Everything™

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“Thanks to C Color, I can identify and surround myself with colors that I connect with on many levels. It’s not about what to wear, it’s about how you react to what you see! I always buy brightly colored shoes because I like them; never white or gray or plain black.”

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“C Color has changed my perspective on how I dress and what I wear. I am so glad I met Lynette, because now I have learned to embrace my true colors and this company has made me learn that you can look fabulous all the time.”

ELLA Y., STUDENTC Color Spectrum: 3
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“I practice the C Color theory in my office environment by using a computer monitor that is more aligned with my C Color Spectrum. I have found that, even after working long hours, I feel less tired than before and my eyes are less strained. C Color has been a great tool in helping me become more productive and feel better.”

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“I love the C Color App!  It has been so helpful in making sure I am choosing my C Color Spectrum when shopping for clothes.  I use it when shopping in store and even more so with online shopping. I also use it for my children’s and husband’s wardrobe as they are luckily the same C Color Spectrum as myself!”



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