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The C Color™ App identifies the optimal colors for clothing, accessories, cosmetics, home, office, automobile; interiors/exteriors and everything else in your world.

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There are an infinite number of colors in the world.

The C Color App assists you in choosing the colors that are optimal for you.

There are an infinite number of colors in the world. The C Color App assists you in choosing the colors that are optimal for you.

Take the C Color Quiz

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C Color

People are intrinsically drawn to their favorite colors. Based on your innate DNA preferences, C Color determines which of the four C Color Spectrums you belong to and provides you personalized color consulting. With C Color, you can look, think, feel, act, learn and heal your best.

How to Use the C Color App

Color can instantly improve your appearance. Wearing the optimal colors will add a glow and flawless aspect to your complexion. Shop and dress with confidence with the C Color App, as your hand held color specialist.

Color is a catalyst for mental clarity and can inspire thought. When you are wearing and surrounding yourself with the colors within your C Color Spectrum, your mental stamina can improve.

Color can impact your emotions and can influence your moods. Surround yourself with the colors that empower you to feel your best and you can be your best.


Color cannot only influence your state of mind, but, can affect your actions. When you are looking, thinking and feeling well, you will act well.

Color can be used to stimulate regions of the brain and that can enhance your ability to grasp and digest information. The colors in your environment can either intensify or inhibit your capacity to learn.

Objects absorb and reflect frequencies and wavelengths of visible light. The optimal color environment can create an atmosphere conducive to healing.


Color is Everything™

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“When I use C Color, I feel better, produce with more enthusiasm and receive compliments on how I look. I use C Color Spectrums for my clients’ interiors, so that they can also thrive.”

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“Thanks to C Color, I can identify and surround myself with colors that I connect with on many levels. It’s not about what to wear, it’s about how you react to what you see! I always buy brightly colored shoes because I like them; never white or gray or plain black.”

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“C Color has changed my perspective on how I dress and what I wear. I am so glad I met Lynette, because now I have learned to embrace my true colors and this company has made me learn that you can look fabulous all the time.”

ELLA Y., STUDENTC Color Spectrum: 3
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“I practice the C Color theory in my office environment by using a computer monitor that is more aligned with my C Color Spectrum. I have found that, even after working long hours, I feel less tired than before and my eyes are less strained. C Color has been a great tool in helping me become more productive and feel better.”

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