With over 16.7 million colors in the world, it is no wonder people have a hard time figuring out which ones to buy, decorate with and wear. People are bombarded with color choices daily, that can become terribly confusing.

Working with a professional color consultant could unlock the door to an awareness of the colors that complement you. Knowing the colors that complement you will assist in shopping, dressing and decorating. Usually, a palette of colors is offered at the end of the consultation.

If you have already scheduled an appointment with a color consultant or are considering one, here is what to expect when undergoing a color consultation.

The Color Consultation Process

The most common approach for color prescription is the seasonal color analysis method. This theory classifies individuals into spring, summer, autumn and winter “seasons” based on skin tones, hair colors and eye colors. During the consultation, the seasonal color consultant carefully examines your features and narrows down the seasons until he or she establishes your season.

Here is what to expect when undergoing a seasonal color analysis consultation:


Pre-consultation preparation begins with your skin. It is crucial that you do not spend excessive amounts of time in the sun without sunscreen for a couple weeks prior to your appointment. Red or peeling skin will impede results.

The Big Day

Prior to your appointment, be sure to thoroughly wash your face. Color consultants require clients to be fresh-faced to accurately identify their seasonal colors. No need to be embarrassed or self-conscious of blemishes, blotchiness, hyperpigmentation, scars or under-eye circles. Your personal color consultant is a professional and sees all types of skin on a regular basis. Plus, you may be very surprised when you see the positive changes in your natural skin when paired with a favorable hue.


As proper lighting is necessary, most color consultants prefer conducting consultations at their location as opposed to your home. This also ensures all the essential materials and supplies are at hand.

At the start of your session, you will be seated in front of a large mirror. The color consultant will drape a light grey cloth or cape around you and a light grey cap over your hair. Grey is more neutral than white, and a neutral backdrop is critical to receiving accurate results.

Next, your color consultant will work through various colors to demonstrate how each reacts with your skin, eyes and hair. Throughout this process, some hues will be strikingly bad. Some will be ok. Others will elicit applause.

Once your color palette is named, the color consultant will provide you with an array of fabric swatches containing your hues to take with you. You may further discuss hair and cosmetic coloring, as your color palette applies to these as well.

Ideally, you could observe the world through a different lens and feel more assured with your ability to identify colors for yourself. A closet clean-out will most likely be in order, not to mention a well-deserved shopping spree.

Post-consultation questions are welcomed by color consultants. They want you to enjoy the full benefit of their offering. So feel free to send a text message or email or place a call to your consultant.

Tips For Undergoing A Color Consultation

  • Remember, no cosmetics, sunscreen or tinted moisturizer
  • Bring a close friend, someone who knows you very well and can provide moral support or a second opinion
  • Come prepared with questions
  • Have an open mind

The Purpose Of A Personal C Color Consultation

Imagine you have the ability to quickly observe colors and either dismiss or approve them. Your closet is sleek and streamlined, devoid of mistaken color purchases. Time is on your side because you never sit and mull over multiple colors before buying, dressing or applying cosmetics.

Additionally, you save money because everything you purchase has been identified by the C Color App that is programmed to your C Color Spectrum and in a sense embodies your color palette, to utilize the terminology of existing color analysis theories and that palette consists of million of colors.

That becomes your reality after experiencing a genetic-based personal color consultation. Through this process, you will become privy to which colors make your skin glow and your eyes sparkle. You will also learn more about yourself through color, enabling you to live your best color life.

Gain A Fast, Effective Personal Color Consultation

While most color analysis methods focus on external features such as skin tones, hair tones and eye tones, the C Color methodology centers on the internal. The C Color App simplifies the process of identifying your optimal colors by tapping into your genetically preferred colors.

C Color does not take external features, such as hair colors, eye colors or complexion colors into consideration, as they do not aid in determining your inherent color preferences. Additionally, each of the above mentioned features contain a myriad of colors.

Taking the online C Color Quiz will reveal your C Color Spectrum, that includes hundreds to thousands of color options. Once you have obtained your C Color Spectrum, use the C Color App to ascertain your optimal colors in clothing, accessories, cosmetics, home and office; interiors/exteriors, automobiles and everything else in your world.

To utilize the C Color App, simply take a photograph of the item that you desire, adjust the lighting and temperature of the photographs, choose the color to be matched and the C Color will identify whether or not the color is within your C Color Spectrum.

The C Color App is your personal Color Consultant that is at your fingertips on your mobile device.