Your image transcends far beyond your physical appearance.

While your clothes and accessories play a critical role in expressing your style and individuality, your actions, behaviors and etiquette equally matter. Ultimately, your image creates a lasting impression on those you meet.

Improving your image can transform your life, but the process involves more than augmenting your physical appearance. To truly craft and perfect your image, you must hone your mannerisms, social etiquette and communication skills as well.

An image consultant can guide you toward improvement in those areas to help you become your best, most authentic self. Today, we will cover everything you need to know about image consultants and share tips on how to find the right image consultant who can beautify your personal brand and style. 

What Is An Image Consultant?

Image consultants help clients reach their maximum potential by sharpening their style and physical appearance, refining their behavior, body language and social etiquette and polishing their communication skills.

Professional image consultants possess a variety of skills. They are knowledgeable in areas like fashion, hair and cosmetics, color analysis and consultation, public speaking and presentation, lifestyle coaching, personal branding and more. 

How Do Image Consultants Differ From Personal Stylists?

Both personal stylists and image consultants may assist you with selecting clothing, coordinating outfits and finding the right fit for your body. However, image consultants consider your entire appearance (beyond apparel).

For example, they may help you uncover your personal brand and the person you want to become. They examine your behaviors and how you present yourself to the world, identify inconsistencies in your ideal versus actual states and assist you in crafting your image. 

How To Find An Image Consultant

The Association of Image Consultants International (AICI) is the most notable umbrella organization for professional image consultants. AICI offers three levels of certification: Certified Image Consultant, Certified Image Professional and Certified Image Master. These certifications augment the credibility of those working in the industry. 

Who Can Benefit From Working With An Image Consultant?

Unsure whether an image consultant is the right fit for you?

Here are some examples of clients who could benefit from hiring an image consultant:

  • Public figures: Politicians, celebrities or prominent figures need to present their best self at all times if they want to succeed in their respective roles or build a loyal following.
  • Business executives: Image consultants assist business professionals with public speaking, networking and personal branding to wield greater influence in their industries. Some consultants who specialize in this area also assist businesspeople with honing soft skills, such as emotional intelligence, to become well-rounded leaders.
  • Interviewees: Individuals searching for a new job may refer to image consultants to improve their performance and poise during interviews.
  • Those seeking a lifestyle change: If your goal is to transform your life for the better, you may want to obtain the expertise of an image consultant to learn more about yourself and unearth areas for improvement. 

What To Expect From Working With An Image Consultant

If you are thinking about hiring an image consultant, you should consider your end goals and know what you want to achieve during the experience.

Image consultants can assist you with:

  • Selecting the right clothing or cosmetic items to enhance your appearance and boost your credibility
  • Becoming more attuned to your body language so you can strengthen your presence or public speaking skills
  • Finding ways to improve your verbal communication skills so you can impress or positively influence others
  • Improving your overall image, social behavior and presentation in a direction that helps you achieve your life goals

Consultants may meet their clients in person over a series of workshops or sessions.

For those who prefer a digital experience, you can seek the help of an online image consultant. Online image consultants may offer individual services ranging from personal styling to makeovers or color consultations to aid you in improving your aura.

Consider working with an image consultant an investment. Perfecting your image takes time, so it is essential to hire a professional who understands your needs and goals and is a solid fit for you.

Consultants will want to understand your ambitions and objectives to craft an image that aligns with your personal or professional goals.

To find an online image consultant, we recommend browsing the Association of Image Consultants International directory. You can also refer to your local resources to find image consultants near you who are experts in your desired areas of improvement.  

Working with an image consultant may seem like a promising solution for those who desire to unlock new opportunities in life.

Image consultants can be costly, and you may encounter difficulties finding the right consultant for you. If you are creative or enjoy experimenting with different styles, you may feel constrained by the advice of an image consultant.

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