Are you feeling dissatisfied with your style or uninspired by your wardrobe? Or, do you have trouble when it comes to shopping for clothes and finding pieces you love?

If this sounds familiar, you might consider hiring a personal stylist. Personal stylists can help you select coordinating, flattering clothes and accessories that can enrich your look. The current pieces you own might not accurately reflect your personality, complement your body type or make you feel good about yourself.

Before getting started, there are some factors to consider (and options to choose from). In this post, we cover all you need to know about what personal stylists do, why you may want to hire a personal stylist, what to expect from a personal stylist session and more.

What Is A Personal Stylist?

Personal stylists are sometimes known as style consultants, wardrobe consultants or image consultants. They can help clients uncover their individual or unique style and can assist them in shopping wisely for clothing and accessories that are compatible with their style.

They can also help enhance your overall image and overhaul your wardrobe to simplify daily fashion decisions. 

Why Hire A Personal Stylist?

Personal stylists work closely with you to coordinate your wardrobe and can offer advice on how to shop for practical, versatile pieces.

Having a synchronized wardrobe can enable you to get dressed easier and can make shopping an efficient, stress-free experience. You can make smarter fashion purchases and be less prone to wasting money on pieces that you may never wear.

Owning a curated wardrobe with items you love to wear, that fit your body and that pair well helps you feel happier and look better. Advocates of personal stylists believe that hiring a styling professional is an investment in both your physical appearance and mental health. 

What To Expect When Working With A Personal Stylist

Sessions last approximately three to six hours. The stylist will ask about your current wardrobe, lifestyle and budget. Then, they assess clothing you currently own and help you decide which articles are worth keeping and which ones can go.

Next, the stylist helps you shop for clothing and accessories based on their recommendations, provides advice on how to select the right pieces and guides you in building a foundation of wardrobe essentials.

So how much does a personal stylist cost?

Contrary to popular belief, personal stylists are not just for celebrities, though sessions can be costly. Expect to pay hourly rates of at least $75 to upwards of $400 or $500, depending on the stylist’s experience level, client history, location and services they offer.

Know that every personal stylist delivers different results. You may not receive the results you like or expect the first time around. Depending on how much you spend, your stylist might not be as qualified or experienced compared to some celebrity stylists.

Plus, finding the right stylist can be challenging. Because they work closely with you in shaping your appearance, you need to trust and feel comfortable with the person you hire.

Online Styling Services

If you do not find the traditional stylist method enticing, you can also explore online styling services, which are growing in popularity. Companies like Stitch Fix, Trunk Club, Allume and Wantable advertise themselves as more affordable and convenient than traditional styling services.

Similar to a conventional session, you will work with a styling professional and answer questions digitally. Based on your responses, you are sent a selection of outfits to try and purchase. Online styling seems like a flexible option, but there is a higher chance that the items will not flatter you because the consultation is not personable. 

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Color is an essential element of personal styling. You may find a dress that fits you like a glove, but without selecting the optimal color, the dress may drain your complexion and make you appear lifeless.

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Should I hire a personal

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