Accomplished color consultants have a knack for decorating spaces, enhancing faces and styling stunning looks that enrich their clients’ lives.

Color consulting is a meaningful and fulfilling career path. But having the right knowledge and taking the proper training courses is just one part of the process.

Having the right color analysis tools and products at your disposal is essential for delivering the highest-quality color consulting service to your clients. In this post, we cover some of the most valuable color analysis tools and products that every color consultant needs in their arsenal.

The Best Color Analysis Tools And Products

Whether you specialize in fashion, cosmetics, home or office color consulting, these tools can heighten your understanding and knowledge of color.

From innovative color consulting apps to versatile color visualization generators, check out these six color analysis tools and products that color experts need to use.

1. The C Color App

The C Color the ideology is based on a color gene within your DNA, thus, the Methodology focuses on the individuals innate color preferences.

C Color does not take external features, such as hair colors, eye colors or complexion colors into consideration, as they do not aid in determining your inherent color preferences.

Due to this reason, receiving a personal C Color analysis differs from all others on the market.

The proprietary technology evaluates the base of each color and categorizes hundreds of thousands of colors, out of the millions of colors in the world, into four distinct C Color Spectrums.

The C Color Quiz has been devised over years of research and observation and is the key to determining your C Color Spectrum.

Most, if not all, color analysis methods limit you to a specific palette of colors. Each C Color Spectrum, on the other hand, includes hundreds of thousands of optimal colors for you to utilize for your clients and for yourself.

Use the C Color App to take photos of clothing, accessories, cosmetics, home and office; interiors/exteriors, vehicle colors, paint colors etc. and identify whether the colors are within your clients’ C Color Spectrums.

Enrich your understanding of color and assist your clients in achieving their optimal color environments.

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2. Pantone Color Finder

Pantone’s free Color Finder tool helps color consultants, designers and artists find precise matches for Pantone color chips and their corresponding color values, including sRGB, HEX and CMYK codes.

This tool takes all the guesswork out of searching for the exact hue for yourself or your client. You will save time and effort when creating color palettes, selecting furniture or paint colors or styling outfits and accessories.

Pantone’s revolutionary tool is designed to help anyone who regularly works with color.

3. Coolors

Every color consultant needs a reliable color palette tool. Coolors helps you build and design beautiful color palettes quickly and effortlessly.

The Coolors platform offers helpful suggestions for alternative shades and allows you to customize colors based on hue, saturation, brightness, RGB and CMYK values. You can even discover a hue’s matching Pantone number, Copic marker color or Prismacolor shade.

Coolors is also available for mobile devices, so you can take your palettes with you wherever you go.

4. Pinterest

Pinterest is more than just a visual social media platform.

Color consultants can also use Pinterest to create category-specific boards, such as fashion, hair color or home design. Or for general inspiration, you can create color palette boards and mood boards.

Color consultants can also download the Pinterest Save Button extension to web browsers, which enables you to “pin,” or save any images you come across online. This tool can be incredibly useful when shopping online for products in your optimal color range.

5. Houzz

With Houzz, you can obtain information, inspiration and recommendations on interior design, architecture, renovation, landscaping and more.

This vibrant online community offers product and design galleries for every corner of the home. Furniture and home décor are also available for purchase on this extensive platform. You can even discover professional design and architectural firms, contractors or home improvement specialists to build your network as a color consultant.

Like Pinterest, Houzz can also help improve your color consulting and analysis skills to make smarter design decisions for clientele.

6. Sherwin-Williams ColorSnap Visualizer

Finding the right paint colors can be an arduous, time-consuming process. When repainting a space, homeowners often defer to color consultants to make such a critical decision.

Sherwin-Williams’ ColorSnap Visualizer is a nifty tool for selecting paint colors for interiors, exteriors, homes or offices.

This easy visualizer tool allows you to explore and test various paint colors for different styles of rooms and home exteriors. You can even upload photos of the rooms you are working with to obtain the most accurate color depictions before you start.

For more help selecting paint colors, view our resource here.

These tools and products can assist and refine your color consulting knowledge and expertise.

At the end of the day, only  with C Color can you determine your genetic C Color Spectrum and identify the millions of colors that are optimal for you and your clients.

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