Have you been thinking about taking a color consultant training course?

Color and design education not only bolsters your self assurance, but can also provide you with credibility.

Whether you are brand-new to color consulting or a skilled professional, expanding your knowledge in this competitive industry can accelerate your career growth.

Many color consulting courses allow you to tend to other responsibilities while expanding your color consulting arsenal. The following five color consulting courses vary in their purpose, price and structure — so you can find the right one for you.

5 Top Color Consulting Courses

1. QC Design School – Color Consultant Course

The QC Design School’s Color Consultant Course consists of three units and covers color consulting basics, interior and exterior design, home staging and business development. The course material features the author and host of HGTV’s “Color Confidential,” Jane Lockhart. Completing this course certifies you as an International Color Consulting Professional (ICCP).

  • Cost: The full price for this course is $848 with an option to pay in monthly installments. The QC Design School regularly offers “buy one, get one free” promotions.
  • Time to complete: Four to six months
  • What we love: Although this course covers the basics for color newbies, it also packs a wide variety of material that would be useful to seasoned color consultants

2. Sensational Color – Color Certification Program

This live online color consulting program consists of four levels of training.

You will learn how to recommend color in design and décor settings as well as interior and exterior paint applications. You will also gain valuable skills to market your services and grow your business.

This course offers five months of weekly, live group Q&A calls with the company’s founder and instructor, Kate Smith, plus access to Sensational Color’s private Facebook page. Completing all four levels earns you the title of Color Consulting Specialist.

  • Cost: $1,496 for the entire program or $349 when purchasing each level individually.
  • Time to complete: All four levels typically take 90-130 days to complete, but the program offers a “work at your own pace” model.
  • What we love: Once you receive your Color Consulting Specialist certification, your information will be added to the Sensational Color Consultant online directory.

3. Color Me Beautiful — Personal Stylist Course

Based in the United Kingdom, this online course is geared toward personal stylists or personal shoppers. Three modules teach you everything you need to know about style, image and color analysis and how to combine these elements in a meaningful way for clients. At the end of the program, you will receive your Personal Stylist Certificate.

  • Cost: $1,043 for all three modules or $459 per module. There is an option to retain a tutor via email and Skype if you purchase all three together — the total for all three plus tutoring is $1,306.
  • Time to complete: This course requires about 20 hours of dedicated time and must be finished within six months.
  • What we love: Take a virtual tour of this e-learning course before you buy to ensure it is right for you.

4. Color Matters – The Psychology of Color Symbolism Course

This Color Matters course focuses on color psychology, diving into the psychological effects of color on human emotion.

Taught by color consultant, professor and author Jill Morton, this course teaches you how to apply color recommendations to elicit positive results for your clients. After completing this course, you will be given a certificate demonstrating your achievement.

  • Cost: $249
  • Time to complete: This short course allows you to work at your own pace and provides students with 19 videos, 9 quizzes, 7 PDFs and 31 downloads.
  • What we love: Color Matters also offers a course on interior design for the same price with the same format.

5. The Style Core – The Level 1 Essential Color and Style Distance Learning Course

This combination course is made up of two parts — color and style. You can also elect to take either the color or style track. Finishing both parts qualifies you as a Level 1 Personal Stylist, earning you a certificate as well as eight continuing education units (CEUs).

Completing this duo also prepares you for certification with the Association of Image Consultants International (AICI).

  • Cost: $2,250 or $1,195 to purchase each part individually.
  • Time to complete: The deadline to receive the eight CEUs is one year from the time you start the course.
  • What we love: This course prepares to you earn the First Level Certification as an Image Consultant through the Association of Image Consultants International (AICI). The AICI is the largest association of personal and professional image consultants and is dedicated to maintaining industry recognition through high standards in personal stylist certification programs.

The Benefits Of Professional Color Consultant Training

Education is critical to success in this field. Taking a color consultant course can expand your current knowledge.

Learning alongside like-minded individuals can also boost your passion for color consulting, build your network and ensure you are up-to-date on current theories and practices.

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