Sifting through rows of clothing racks is a dreaded experience for most. With online styling services, personal stylists are accessible to everyone with internet access and a limited budget is not a hindrance.

Droves of online styling services have come onto the scene to improve the shopping experience, allowing individuals to access fashion consulting on any budget. In fact, more than 50 online personal styling companies exist to for your wardrobe.

Still, you might be left with doubts about entrusting style advice to a total stranger or algorithm.

Can online stylists truly nail your fit and style preferences to save you time? And are they worth the investment?

In this online stylist comparison, you will get insider information on the top five subscription boxes and online styling services. The question: are they really worth it?

Who Are Online Styling Services For?

Online styling services appeal to busy individuals. Making time to shop at physical retail stores amid a hectic schedule is not practical. Having someone else do the legwork for you frees up time for more fulfilling activities.

Plenty of other people can benefit from style advice, too. Perhaps you feel doubtful, unsure and overwhelmed when faced with a retail landscape of diverse styles, colors and items.

Online styling services can eliminate the stress of coordinating clothing by delivering curated outfits to your doorstep.

What Do You Get From Online Styling Services?

Style services websites typically follow a similar pattern.

They gather information about your style preferences then provide personalized recommendations for clothing, shoes and accessories.

Some allow direct communication with a stylist while others utilize artificial intelligence to aid in the wardrobe selection process.

After the stylist or algorithm chooses items for you, they send them to your private dressing room: your home. Most services come with a prepaid mailing slip to return the pieces you don’t keep.

Comparing The Top 5 Online Styling Services

While these five services share similar business models, they differ in key areas. Here is what you can expect from each online styling service.

1. Stitch Fix

Stitch Fix is a trailblazer in the online styling space and provides services for men, women, and children.


When signing on with Stitch Fix, you will start by answering questions about your style preferences, sizing and budget.

Based on your feedback, algorithms spotlight pieces you might be interested in. A stylist makes the final call on the five pieces sent in your “Fix” or delivery box.

When your Fix arrives, you have three days to try on and decide which items you would like to keep and which ones you will return. A prepaid envelope is available to make returns easy.


Stitch Fix offers subscription or single purchase options. The cost is $20 per Fix, which goes toward the items you keep. If you choose to keep all five items in your Fix, you receive 25 percent off. Stitch Fix automatically charges you for the items you keep.


  • Customers rave about Stitch Fix’s own brand of jeans, touting their stretch, fit and shape-retaining ability.
  • The cost of the service and items is more reasonable than other online style services.
  • Stitch Fix offers a range of sizing options, including petite, maternity and plus.


  • You do not have the option to speak with your stylist. However, you can provide written feedback that your stylist will apply toward future Fixes.
  • Customers report feeling their style preferences were not targeted.
  • You only have three days to make decisions.

2. Trunk Club

Trunk Club is owned by Nordstrom and provides styling services for men and women.


As with other online styling services, Trunk Club gathers information through a series of questions to determine your style preferences, sizing and budget.

The service then matches you with a real-life personal stylist who selects 10-12 items for you to review over email. Once approved, your Trunk will be sent to your home, and you have five days to try on and decide. You also receive a prepaid envelope for easy returns, and the service automatically charges you for the items you keep.


Each Trunk is $25 (waived for Nordstrom cardholders). The cost goes toward anything you keep from your shipment. You can sign up for Trunk Club as a monthly subscription or make one-time orders.


  • You work with and communicate directly with the same stylist.
  • The items are all from Nordstrom.
  • Most customers feel their style preferences were targeted.


  • More expensive service and item prices.

3. MM.LaFleur

MM.LaFleur offers workplace wardrobe essentials for women. The company manufactures its own brand of clothing aimed at providing style, comfort and quality for clients.


The process starts by answering general questions about your style preferences, fit and desired pieces. You then get paired with a stylist who customizes your Bento Box, or clothing shipment.

Once your Bento Box arrives, you have five days to determine which items you would like to keep. A prepaid mailing slip comes with your Bento Box, so returns are free.


  • MM.LaFleur offers more communication with stylists than other services.
  • Customers report high-quality fabrics.


  • MM.LaFleur is one of the pricier style box options.

4. Wantable

Wantable curates clothing from various brands and offers pieces from its own W. By Wantable line as well.

The service is similar to Stitch Fix in process and pricing. The main difference lies in the number of items sent in each shipment. With Wantable, you receive seven items in your Style Edit box.


The cost of each Style Edit box is $20, which serves as a credit toward the items you keep. You will have five days to decide which items to keep. The price point for each clothing item ranges from $50 to $100. If you keep five or more items from your Style Edit, you receive 20 percent off.


  • Wantable also offers fitness apparel for women.
  • Considered a good option for women looking for a personal stylist on a budget.


  • Only for women.
  • You are unable to communicate directly with your stylist.
  • Some customers feel Wantable Style Edits are hit or miss.

5. Allume

Allume is a unique online styling service because it is not a subscription box or service. Rather, it is a third-party concierge service for personal styling.


First, the service prompts you to complete an online questionnaire. It then matches you with a stylist who conducts your personal styling session via text message. Your stylist will curate a style board reflecting your preferences. You can then choose to buy items on the board.


Each styling session has a flat fee of $20.


  • Your stylist will also help coordinate items you already have in your closet.


  • Because this is a third-party service, you are responsible for all shipping and return fees, which could be from multiple vendors.

The Best Clothing Subscription Box?

Countless clothing subscription box services exist online today.

Determining the best one comes down to your personal preferences. If cost is most important to you, Wantable is a good place to start. If you are highly fashion-conscious, Trunk Club or MM.LaFleur are better suited for you.

Perhaps you fall somewhere in the middle, which is why Stitch Fix is successful in the online clothing subscription box space. It is the most versatile service, balancing style and budget. It also serves men, women and children and covers a range of sizes. Customers report high satisfaction levels with their Stitch Fix experience, making it a top contender in the space.

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