There are millions of colors in the world. At first glance, it can seem impossible to identify them all, much less find the colors that appear the best on you. That is where C Color enters the equation.

In previous blogs, we introduced you to C Color. Today, we will take an in depth look into the four Spectrums of C Color, discover the predominant bases of the C Color Spectrums and determine how you can identify your natural desire for color.

All individuals are classified into one of the four C Color Spectrums and all individuals wear virtually all colors, however, it is critical to wear the colors within your C Color Spectrum from the chest area upwards. The colors that are not in your C Color Spectrum will not enhance your complexion or face, but, can be worn from the chest area downward.

Since There Are 16,700,000 Colors; The Choices Are Limitless

There are four C Color Spectrums and each is categorized by the predominant base of the color, that is one of the primary colors of blue, yellow or red. As a result the base is paramount.

For example, all C Color Spectrums contain the colors of red, simply not the exact same reds, as there are hundreds of thousands of reds in each C Color Spectrum.

One of the benefits of choosing and utilizing the colors from within your C Color Spectrum is that your entire wardrobe becomes color coordinated, as the hues all harmonize and blend. Consequently, clothing options are as limitless, as color options.

It is important that your hair color, cosmetics, scarves, jewelry, dresses, tops, shirts and coats align with your C Color Spectrum, due to the fact, that your hair color surrounds your face and the other items are worn from the waist upward.

Below are some examples of how each of the four C Color Spectrums can wear purple colors.

Notice the differences in the four C Color Spectrums;

  • C Color Spectrum 1 Purple is Cool/Blue Based, Less Saturated, Rubbed with Ash
  • C Color Spectrum 2 Purple is Cool/Blue Based, More Saturated
  • C Color Spectrum 3 Purple is Warm/Yellow Based, Moderately Saturated
  • C Color Spectrum 4 Purple is Warm/Red Based, Less Saturated, Rubbed with Earth

Which C Color™ Spectrum Are You?

C Color is the first and only company to quantify intuitive color preferences. Quantifying intuitive preferences is the specialty of C Color and that Ideology and the C Color Methodology will assist you in living life in your optimal color environment.

Unlike previous color theories, the C Color theory has nothing to do with your external appearance. Your C Color Spectrum is based on your innate preferences. You are born with a color gene and the gene does not change, as it is a part of your DNA. C Color assists you in identifying your C Color Spectrum, with an effortless C Color Quiz.

Take the C Color Quiz

The objective of the C Color Quiz is to select the color quadrant that immediately catches your eye. In doing so you are following your innate color preferences. Thinking about your color choices will skew your results, as the accurate results are based on intuitive selections, not thought choices.

Why Identifying Colors Can Be Problematic

Most people do not notice nuances in colors, although those differences can enhance or diminish your appearance. At times, the variance between the predominant primary bases of the colors can be subtle and at other times, quite distinctive.

The C Color App is the expert Eye of your personal Color Consultant. Whether you are choosing a nail polish, new shirt, paint color or updating the interiors of your home, you can take a quick photograph at a distance of the color you are contemplating. Then simply adjust the Lighting and Filters features of the photograph, to match the color of the item that your eye sees, choose a zoomed in section of the pure color, even if blurred, to match and the C Color App will confirm whether or not the color is within your C Color Spectrum.

Create your ideal wardrobe, home and office interiors and exteriors, automobile colors and everything else in your world, with the C Color App.

This innovative methodology is based on a predetermined color gene within your DNA. When you follow your inherent intelligence and live in your optimal color environment, you look, think, feel, act, learn and heal your best.

The C Color App, as the 21st Century Palette and Color Consultant is accurate, meets your color needs, answers your color questions, assists you in color decision making and saves you thousands of dollars, by eliminating misguided color choices.

Confidently Transition To Your True Self With Your C Color Spectrum!

To learn more about the C Color methodology, check out our blog post: The C Color Theory Explained.

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