Colors consist of energy. When applied correctly, you can use colors to create an atmosphere conducive to healing.

As researchers seek to understand how and why color affects the brain, an entire area of study on color psychology and color therapy has emerged. Yet, color therapy is an often underutilized healing mechanism in modern medicine.

The reason is that not all colors elicit the same healing response in every individual, so exercising color therapy to improve your life is challenging for most.

By surrounding yourself with the colors that you inherently prefer, you can experience healing properties and mental stimulation of color.

Color Therapy

What Is Color Therapy?

The long-established practice of color therapy or chromotherapy dates back to ancient cultures of China, Egypt, Greece and India. These cultures recognized the therapeutic nature of color.

According to chromotherapy, each person is composed of colors and engulfed in light, which impacts health conditions.

Traditionally, color therapy refers to the application of color to the body through stones, crystals, salves or light to address physical and emotional conditions. This form of color therapy withstood the test of time and has given rise to a growing field of new treatments and ways to promote health and wellness with color today.  

How Does Color Therapy Work?

Each color carries a unique wavelength, that can either be absorbed or reflected by objects that you surround yourself with in your home or office environments. These wavelengths of visible light, can assist in stimulating activities within the body that are necessary for rejuvenation and wellness.

The belief is that electromagnetic energy can be applied directly to the skin or through the eyes to rehabilitate and heal diseases and mental distress.

Many holistic medicine practitioners believe that you can correct imbalance in the body and mind by nourishing the body where color deficiencies exist.

How Does Color Affect The Brain?

Research has shown that color triggers mood, heart rate, reactivity and many other physical and emotional responses.

These reactions vary from person to person due to genetics and differing life experiences. To experience the advantages of color on the brain, you must discover the optimal colors for you.

Ways To Use Color Therapy

1. Color Light Therapy

Color light therapy involves concentrating color on specific locales of the physical body to cure disease, accelerate healing and improve mood, among other benefits.

The concept behind color light therapy is that wavelengths penetrate the skin at different depths to achieve the desired treatment and stimulate the chakras. Color light therapy dictates that each of the seven chakras must be open and free-flowing because each is believed to serve a distinct purpose in maintaining balance.

You can find several color light therapy devices on the market. Some popular ones include:

2. Art Therapy Through Coloring

Classical art therapy asks the client or patient to create from a blank canvas. Coloring has emerged as a therapeutic medium for stress relief.

Coloring is a proven, soothing activity for adults and children alike. It provides a welcomed distraction from the rigors of life and a fulfilling way to practice mindfulness. Coloring also allows individuals to gain insight into their state of mind, based on the hues chosen during a coloring session.

You can express yourself through coloring with a few of the offerings below:

3. Color Therapy Apps

Color therapy apps follow a similar concept, as conventional coloring books.

Coloring apps are popular distressing option among individuals who need a mental break from daily struggles. Plus, you always have access to this outlet no matter where the day takes you.

Here are some color therapy apps to try:

Discover The Colors Conducive To Healing For You

To experience the healing properties of color therapy, you must uncover the colors that promote healing for you.

C Color has classified hundreds of thousands of colors into four DNA-based C Color Spectrums. Wearing and surrounding yourself with the colors within your C Color Spectrum can increase your mental, emotional and physical wellness and aid in healing.

Lighting can also affect color and the restorative process. The optimal lighting in homes, hospitals, institutions, etc., can transform any environment into a sanctuary of colors within your C Color Spectrum.

Take the five minute C Color Quiz to determine your C Color Spectrum. Utilize the C Color App to identify the colors within your C Color Spectrum.

When shopping for your colors in stores or online, simply take a photograph of the item that you desire, adjust the lighting and temperature of the photograph, choose the color to be matched and the C Color App will confirm whether or not the color is within your C Color Spectrum.

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