Have you ever wondered why one color appears complimentary on one person, but, drains the life out of another person?

The phenomenon is no coincidence. Color can influence the way you look, think, feel, act, learn and heal.

Color is a game changer, a life changer, a multimillion dollar industry.

Color consultants from all walks of life are available to advise you on color choices for your wardrobe, cosmetics, home and office; interiors and exteriors and more. 

There are 16.7 million known colors in the world, thus, it is understandable that people are indecisive or unsure, regarding colors.

Below we discuss varying types of color consultants, what to expect when engaging these professionals and how the industry functions.

These 7 types of color consultants include:

In each and every situation, a genetic approach to color is the answer!

7 Popular Types Of Color Consultants

1. Personal And Fashion Color Consultants 

7 types color consultant women

Personal and Fashion Color Consultants provide advice on the colors that pertain to clothing and accessories.

Color consultants for clothing can help individuals uncover their personal style or assist them with shopping and overhauling their wardrobe. Their goal is to help clients find pieces that enhance their image and their body type.

What To Expect When Working With A Personal Color Consultant

Personal Color Consultants for the most part approach color evaluation through the decades old method of assessing external features.

Personal Color Consultants evaluate your hair, eyes and skin when discerning the appropriate colors for you, however, your hair color, eye color and complexion color each contain numerous colors, so color recommendations based on these external factors are not accurate, nor definitive.

A personal style consultation spans a few hours and typically involves a current wardrobe assessment and tailored shopping advice. Consultations are personal, intimate and custom, but finding your ideal color consultant for clothing can be costly and challenging. Results can vary greatly depending on who you work with, making it difficult to obtain consistent style advice that you can adhere to. 

2. Cosmetic Color Consultants 

Cosmetic Color Consultants, also known as beauty advisors assist you in selecting makeup colors. Typically these professionals can be found at stores that sell beauty products, such as Sephora, Mac or department stores, such as Nordstrom.

What To Expect When Working With A Cosmetic Color Consultant

Most beauty stores offer free cosmetic color consultations with a $50 purchase, however, the skill sets and experience levels of these consultants vary widely.

Cosmetic Consultants are also incentivized to sell products, so finding a consultant that has your best interests at heart may be challenging. Additionally, many consultants follow color fashion trends and trends tend to be dynamic and fast paced with intended obsolescence.

3. Hair Color Consultants

Many hair colorist’s advise their clients, regarding hair color, although, there are actual Hair Color Consultants.

What To Expect When Working With A Hair Color Consultant

A colorist will most likely initiate a short meeting with you to ascertain your goals and objectives.

Traditionally, hair texture is evaluated. The texture of your hair, whether fine, medium or coarse will determined the products that will be utilized, the efficacy of the color transfer process and the aftercare regimen.

Aftercare product recommendations are suggested to promote the longevity of the color.

As hair color opinions vary widely, your Hair Color Consultant should strive to ensure that the current fashion and trends do not interfere with their color recommendations.

4. Interior Design Color Consultants

Designers usually consult with you, regarding paint colors, window coverings, wall coverings, flooring, furnishings, soft and hardscapes, the movement of walls and or space redesigning.

Decorators usually consultant with you, regarding home furnishings and will assist you in creating a color palette for your home that includes suggestions for fabrics, paint and furnishings.

What To Expect When Working With Design and Décor Color Consultants

These consultants tend to be more expensive, than Paint Consultants, as they assist you in a wider range of services and color decisions.

There are less expensive online interior design services. For example, services like Modsy and Havenly pair you with interior decorators that provide digital design renderings based on the preferences that you share.

The Houzz AR tool allows you to digitally place furniture in your home.

Interior Design Color Consultants typically have hourly fees and take a percentage fee of the items that you purchase. Hourly fees range from $200 per hour upward.

5. Exterior Color Consultants

Exterior Color Consultants advise on exterior home color schemes. Some color consultants work exclusively with paint colors, while others specialize in paint and finishes for garage doors, shutters, siding and other elements of your home’s exterior.

The optimal home colors will be pleasing, welcoming and can create an air of excitement in you upon arrival at your residence.

While a new coat of the optimal exterior paint can potentially increase the value and appeal of your home, repainting your home in a suboptimal color is an investment that can set you back thousands of dollars.

Selecting exterior color schemes that you prefer will avoid color placement mistakes and wasted money.

exterior paint color consultant

What To Expect When Working With An Exterior Color Consultant

Keep in mind that all home Exterior Color Consultants do not offer painting services, however, these professional can assist you in a wide range of color decisions.

Most Exterior Color Consultants charge by the project, depending on the size of your home. You may pay $300 for a small or mid sized home and $500 or more for a larger residence.

Exterior Color Consultants customarily offer renderings of your home to allow you to see how the actual colors will appear at your residence.

6. Interior/Exterior Paint Color Consultants

Interior/Exterior Paint Color consultants apply their expertise to assist you in selecting wall colors.

Many paint stores offer color consulting services. Usually, a professional will visit with you at your home to discuss your color preferences.

What To Expect When Working With An Interior/Exterior Paint Color Consultants

Paint Color Consultations fees range from $50 to $400 in total.  Some consultants offer flat fees, while others charge hourly.

If you receive a color consultation from a store that sells paint, the store may apply your fee to the price of the paint.

However, some stores, as Kirkland’s do not include a paint color consultation with the painting contract price. Kirkland’s fee, for example, is $225 for the first two hours and $75 per hour afterward.

When selecting a Paint Color Consultant, compare the company’s pricing model to ensure that you understand the scope of the consultation.

Paint color consultants

7. Office Color Consultants

The surprising effects of color in the workplace has ignited an entire industry. Studies show that color can impact employee performance for better or worse. For example, certain colors can enhance productivity, concentration and enjoyment, while others can drain energy and prohibit creativity from employees.

Office Color Consultants that look beyond the aesthetic design of an office to select and apply colors that can increase productivity and elicit superior work from employees are in demand.

Paint colors, lighting and décor should all be taken into consideration when consulting in this area.

7 consultants office

What To Expect When Working With An Office Color Consultant

Consultation for office colors is an emerging industry, so these consultants are far and few between.

Not all employees respond to the same colors, thus, Office Color Consultants encounter challenges that other color consultants do not concern themselves with on the average with clients.

Office Color Consultants would ideally provide personal color analyses for all employees and preferably uncover the hues that stimulate productivity and create mental ease.  A typical approach to color consulting in this area will not benefit the company or their employees.

For example, blue is commonly revered as a “calming” color, but millions of shades of blue exist. Different hues can have different effects on different people. These factors must be taken into account when offering color recommendations.

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