With millions of colors and variations in existence, discovering hues that complement you is a perplexing endeavor for many.

If you feel overwhelmed or indecisive when shopping for new clothes or even selecting nail polish colors, you may be unaware or uncertain of your optimal colors.

With the proper color analysis quiz and the methodology, you can uncover your personal color palette without having to splurge on unreliable color analyses or consultations.

Personal Color Analysis Quizzes  

Color analysis quizzes and consultations are designed to match you with a specific category of colors that the consultant deems ideal for you.

Dozens of color analysis quizzes are available online, and most employ the seasonal color analysis method. This method determines your “season” based on your external features, such as complexion color, hair color and eye color and associates each season with a color palette.

The problem is that external features consist of numerous colors and are subjective and hair color can be altered. As a result, taking the same color analysis quiz multiple times can produce different results. Additionally, due to the fact, that each seasonal color palette consists of a limited number of colors, approximately 30, you may struggle with coordinating these colors into your world.

By relying on a DNA-based color analysis quiz, you begin the process of ascertaining your C Color Spectrum and that consists of hundreds of thousands of colors, thus, your personal color palette is limitless.

Introducing The C Color Quiz And Methodology 

Your search for the most accurate and reliable color analysis quiz and method ends here.

C Color is the only DNA-based color methodology that can assist you in discovering your optimal colors. Close to all color analysis quizzes and methods rely on your external features to determine your colors. The C Color ideology is based solely on your internal, genetic preferences. As a outcome, you receive accurate results and therefore, can discover the colors that you are instinctively drawn toward.

C Color has classified hundreds of thousands of colors into four distinct C Color Spectrums and you belong to only one C Color Spectrum. All of the colors within a C Color Spectrum share a base color, that consists of one of the primary colors of blue, yellow and red.

The proprietary five-minute C Color Quiz is the starting point in determining your C Color Spectrum.

Learn more about the four C Color Spectrums here. 

How To Take The C Color Quiz

The five minute C Color quiz is quick, simple and effective. Follow these steps to determine your C Color Spectrum:

  1. Visit ccolor.com to create a free account and take the C Color Quiz.

During the quiz, you will be guided through a series of colored panels. Choose the image you are instantly and instinctively drawn towards. The key is to select the first image that catches your eye. By doing this, you are tapping into your innate color preferences.

  1. Next, upload three images of yourself and your preliminary C Color Spectrum will be sent to you.The CEO of C Color will then either verify or alter your C Color Quiz results, with a free personalized color assessment. The final C Color Spectrum results will be sent to you and the C Color App on your mobile will be programmed to your identified C Color Spectrum. 100% accuracy is guaranteed!

After receiving your C Color Spectrum, you can utilize the C Color App to photograph any item for any purpose and the C Color App will either confirm or deny whether the color of the item is within your C Color Spectrum.

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You can achieve color harmony with your clothing, accessories, cosmetics, interiors, exteriors and all other areas of your life when you utilize the C Color App.

For example, if you update your wardrobe with the colors within your C Color Spectrum, you will be able to create ensembles effortlessly, as all of your clothing items will coordinate and blend with ease and convenience.

Or, consider your C Color Spectrum colors while you shop for home decor or are selecting paint colors. By following your innate color preferences you can create a living environment that pleases, inspires and motivates you.

Discover Your Personal Color Palette With C Color

With C Color, curating a wardrobe, home and office interiors/exteriors and everything else in your world is effortless.

Unlike other color quizzes, the C Color Quiz can provide valuable insight into your inherent color preferences and that results in effective color decisions.

The C Color App is programmed to your C Color Spectrum and in a sense embodies your color palette, that consists of hundreds of thousands of colors.

The C Color methodology meets your needs, answers your questions, assists in decision making and saves you thousands of dollars by eliminating misguided color choices.

By taking the C Color Quiz, utilizing the C Color App and adhering to the C Color ideology, you can look, think, feel, act, learn and heal your best.

Download the C Color App and take the C Color Quiz today!