What Is Color Psychology?

Color psychology is the study of hues, as a determinant of human behavior. Color can influence perceptions that are not obvious, such as the taste of food.

Interestingly enough, the human eye does not have the mechanisms to perceive the color yellow. Yellow is seen psychologically.

Colors can affect confidence, thoughts, emotions, behavior, ability to learn and retain information and overall health and wellness.

Wearing and surrounding yourself with the optimal colors can improve your attitude, add a glow and flawless aspect to your complexion, and attract people towards you. The optimal colors enable you to look, think, feel, act, learn, and heal your best.

In this post, you will understand why it is important to determine your DNA based, genetic C Color Spectrum, optimize your color environment, and leverage color psychology in your daily life.

Common Misconceptions About Color Psychology

Prior to delving into color psychology, as it relates to the C Color methodology, it is critical to address common misconceptions about color psychology.

Misconceptions regarding color psychology will lead you to believe that if you want to create a feeling of calm, peace, and serenity, you should opt to use cool colors, while if you want to produce feelings of comfort and energy, you should use warm colors such as browns, reds, and oranges.

With C Color, all of the colors in your C Color Spectrum will produce feelings of calm, peace, serenity, comfort, energy, excitement etc.

Additionally, certain color ideologies ascertain that all blues are cool. However, with C Color all blues belong within one of the four C Color Spectrums. Two of the C Color Spectrums contain blue hues that are cool and two of the C Color Spectrums contain blue hues that are warm, even though, all of the colors in the four C Color Spectrums, and there are millions, have different color bases.

To discern the hues that can produce feelings of joy, a vibrant appearance and a sense of well being and harmony, you must first determine your C Color Spectrum, that is the result of an innate color gene.

Every one of the 16.7 million colors can be categorized into one of the four C Color Spectrums.

Color Psychology

“Does this color look good on me?”

“Is this the right color for my client?”

“Does this color represent my brand?”

These universal questions have been asked by color conscious individuals, color professionals and the color curious.

Determining the optimal colors is critical for all aspects of life, however, let us focus on those interested in learning how to navigate color in the following fields:

  •          Fashion
  •          Interior Design
  •          Makeup Artistry
  •          Graphic Design, Marketing, and Branding


The color of your clothing can send a message to the world, and more importantly, is a representation and expression of yourself. Your outward appearance is one of the greatest determinants of your confidence and the first aspect of yourself that others notice.

To make a good impression, exude confidence, reveal a glowing complexion, look your best and attract people towards you, ensure that you are wearing colors in your DNA based C Color Spectrum. The color of your clothing is arguably more important than the style of the garments. You may be wearing expensive garments, but when wearing garments in suboptimal colors, the value of the garments and your appearance diminish, as the garments will wear you and drain the life from your skin.

In other words, people will see or notice the color and not you.

Embrace your C Color Spectrum and utilize color in fashion to your advantage.

It is not necessary to clothe yourself in your C Color Spectrum colors from head to toe, as the optimal colors are crucial from the chest area upward. Although, once you return to your innate color preferences, the majority of your wardrobe will be within your C Color Spectrum and as such, coordinate effortlessly.

It is also important to understand the significance of utilizing accessories in the colors from your C Color Spectrum. Subtle splashes of color can charge your complexion with radiance, add another dimension to your appearance, as well, as set you apart from the crowd.

When living in your C Color environment, you will be astonished at the effect your color choices will have on your attitude, mood, and general outlook. As if that is not enough, you will receive compliments from others around you.

How fashion colors can affect your mood.

Interior Design

Similar to clothing, you can use colors within your C Color Spectrum to positively impact you, as it relates to the places that you spend your time, namely, the interior and exterior of your home and office. Choosing colors for the exterior and interior of your home based on your innate, genetic color preferences can create a calming, uplifting, and motivational ambience. The same is true for your office exterior and interior.

Alternatively, living amidst colors not within your C Color Spectrum, can dampen your mood, stifle creativity, and produce an internal sense of restlessness and at times, chaos. There are many color theories for exterior and interior design. Thus, it is important to note that standard approaches are not focused on your innate, DNA based color preferences.

Again, it is of the upmost importance, that you ensure that the colors you are decorating with are indeed within your C Color Spectrum.

By choosing colors within your C Color Spectrum, you can develop environments that are seamlessly strewn together.

When decorating interiors, consider the following approaches:

  • Choose two to three colors, as the base of your décor and expand your colors outward from that base.
  • Unite separate spaces with the same shades of color from your C Color Spectrum.
  • Build dimension in a room by painting a focal wall in your C Color Spectrum.
  • Select unexpected, although complimentary color accents for each room from your C Color Spectrum.
  • Choose colors from your C Color Spectrum, depending on which activities take place in the room and the mood you choose to convey.
  • Light the rooms in line with the Spectrums of the individuals living or working in the spaces.

Mood affecting colored interiors.

Makeup Artistry

Dr. Arnaud Aubert, Experimental Psychologist and Associate Professor in the Department of Neurosciences, explains, “All the social information is in the center of the face.” The psychology of color as it relates to cosmetics can assist you in portraying an exuberant complexion, as well, as confidence. Choosing the optimal makeup colors is paramount to influencing perception, whether you are a makeup artist or one who simply enjoys wearing face paint.

Conventional makeup theory suggests that the colors chosen should correspond with your skin tone, eye color, and hair color. This common misconception places those that wear makeup at risk of draining the glow from their complexion, as C Color asserts that external features do not determine your optimal colors. Your DNA is the identifying factor. Thus, utilizing makeup colors, within your C Color Spectrum, can enhance your natural facial features and ensure a flawless, radiant complexion.

The reality is that you can apply any color palette of your choosing to your face, as long as the bases of those colors correspond to your C Color Spectrum. The C Color theory is nondiscriminatory, leaving no colors off limits to you.

Graphic Design, Marketing, And Branding

Persuasive graphic design, marketing, and branding are vital in today’s world. A brand’s image, colors, and messaging can either positively or negatively influence potential customers. Businesses often flounder in a noisy sea of competition, going unseen and unheard by customers. Today’s customer is constantly bombarded with imagery and messaging.

The only way to get noticed is to foster a brand image that is visually and psychologically impactful and appealing. Graphic designers and marketers must leverage the appropriate colors to command the customers attention within seconds.

Conventional branding color theory is rigid. It recommends using red to convey power, blue to create a sense of calm, green to signify growth, and the list goes on. However, color is multidimensional.

Of the 16.7 million colors in existence, how can one simply guess at the right hue to best resonate with a large audience of people? While a certain shade of blue may be calming to you, it does not necessarily have the same effect on others.

As mentioned previously, each shade of blue belongs to one of the four C Color Spectrums. You may prefer Blue Ash Based Blues, that are Cool, but another person may prefer Yellow Based Blues, that are Warm. The determinant is your innate preferences, based on your DNA.

When designing a website, app, or any other branded asset, graphic designers and marketers should aim to be inclusive of the colors in each C Color Spectrum. This can be accomplished by the following:

Utilize four hues of the same color from each of the four C Color Spectrums throughout the entire designed asset. The C Color logo and website are examples of this recommendation, as blues from each of the four C Color Spectrums are deployed.

  • Know the C Color Spectrums of your targeted audience.
  • Establish dynamic targeting on your website, that displays images corresponding to your customers’ C Color Spectrums.
  • Additionally, geographical segmentation by C Color Spectrum can be utilized for advertising.
  • Your marketing materials can be superior and distinctive, as collateral from other companies may appeal to one or too few C Color Spectrums.

The Importance Of C Color™

The optimal colors can enhance your appearance, enable you to think more clearly, produce feelings of well being, motivate you to act your best, facilitate in absorbing new concepts more readily and clearly, and aid you in healing.

The C Color App is your personal C Color Consultant, at your fingertips and supports you in making the optimal color choices, based on your innate DNA preferences.

The C Color App, as the expert Eye is accurate, meets your needs, answers your questions, assists you in decision making and saves you thousands of dollars, by eliminating misguided color choices.

Unleash the secrets of your DNA and look, think, feel, act, learn, and heal your best, today!

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