Color can be used to stimulate regions of the brain that enhance your ability to grasp and digest information.

Many people do not realize that the colors in your environment can either intensify or inhibit your ability to learn.

Surrounding yourself with the optimal colors, while learning can positively impact your frame of mind and temperament and keenness of thought can be achieved.

When your office or classroom environments contain optimal colors, your attention span can be enhanced, your ability to absorb and process information can improve and learning can be a pleasurable, exciting and stimulating endeavor.

The opposite can occur when your learning environment contains less than optimal colors, as those hues can negatively impact your attitude and disposition and concentration can become difficult, if not impossible.

Using The C Color™ Methodology To Enhance Learning

Common articles about color theory suggest that colors send universal signals to all people. For example, some believe that shades of red and orange can cause overstimulation in learning environments, while green and blue can induce concentration and productivity.

With that said, these articles fail to recognize that not every color evokes the same feelings for every person. In fact, while a particular shade of blue may be calming to you, someone else may perceive that hue as overwhelming and distracting.

The C Color ideology is based on a color gene within your DNA. You are born with innate preferences toward colors. While C Color is based on science, the result of our color expertise is ultimately an outwardly expression of what is inside of all of us.

The optimal colors are inherent and that is why a learning environment created with the colors from within your C Color Spectrum are paramount for intensified focus and heightened learning abilities.

An environment with the less than optimal colors can result in a diminished attention span and that inability to absorb information quickly and distinctly can be cumbersome, in reference to learning and all else.

How To Create A Learning Environment Within Your C Color™ Spectrum

C Color is the first and only company to quantify intuitive color preferences. Quantifying intuitive color preferences is the specialty of C Color and that Ideology and the C Color Methodology will assist you in living life in your optimal color environment.

Millions of colors exist in the world and C Color has classified hundreds of thousands of these colors into four C Color Spectrums. The C Color Spectrum is determined by the predominant base of each color, that consists of one of the primary colors of blue, yellow and red.

When you are surrounded by the colors from your C Color Spectrum, you are following an inherent trait, predetermined by a color gene within your DNA.

Along with your environment, the colors of your learning materials are of the utmost importance, in relation to cognition. The C Color website has personalized each of the four C Color Spectrum pages.

The C Color Spectrum 1 page is presented with a cool blue ash based white background and cool blue ash based gray copy.

The C Color Spectrum 2 page is presented with a cool, blue based white background and cool, blue based black copy.

The C Color Spectrum 3 page is presented with a warm, yellow based ivory background and warm, yellow based blue copy.

The C Color Spectrum 4 page is presented with a warm, red based beige background and warm, red based brown copy.

To determine your natural desire for color and your C Color Spectrum, simply take the five-minute C Color Quiz. The objective of the C Color Quiz is to select the color quadrant that immediately catches your eye. In doing so you are following your innate color preferences. Thinking about your color choices will skew your results, as the accurate color assessment requires intuitive selections, not thought choices.

The C Color App is the 21st Century Palette and Color Consultant that will assist you in choosing the optimal colors for all areas of your life.

Below are some examples of how each of the four C Color Spectrums can wear gray and brown colors.

Notice the differences in the four C Color Spectrums;

  • C Color Spectrum 1 Gray is Cool/Blue Based, Less Saturated, Rubbed with Ash
  • C Color Spectrum 2 Silver is Cool/Blue Based, More Saturated
  • C Color Spectrum 3 Brown is Warm/Yellow Based, Moderately Saturated
  • C Color Spectrum 4 Brown is Warm/Red Based, Less Saturated, Rubbed with Earth


Take a photograph of the article at a distance, adjust the Lighting and Filters features of the photograph, to match the color of the item that your eye sees, choose a zoomed in section of the pure color, even if blurred, to match and the C Color App will identify whether or not the color is within your C Color Spectrum.

The Filters offered on the C Color App assist with the Lighting adjustments of the photograph that you have chosen to match.

The Lighting Slider offered on the C Color App assists with the Temperature of the photograph that you have chosen to match.

The C Color App, as the expert Eye is accurate, meets your color needs, answers your color questions, assists you in color decision making and saves you thousands of dollars by eliminating misguided color choices.

Curate Your Learning Environment With C Color™

Learning is defined as knowledge acquired through experience, study or being taught.

C Color encourages you to surround yourself with the colors within your C Color Spectrum. These colors can energize you, can stimulate your brain, can facilitate clear thinking and can improve mental stamina, all resulting in an improved ability to learn.

The optimal colors can not only assist you in absorbing new concepts more readily and distinctly, but can also enhance your appearance, can enable you to think more clearly, can produce feelings of well-being, can motivate you to act your best and can aid you in healing.

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