When you look your best, it stands to reason that you will feel your best, as the optimal colors enhance your appearance and can produce feelings of well-being and confidence.

Feeling well and looking well are intertwined qualities. Once integrated, magic can occur and your self esteem can develop or improve.

Less than optimal colors drain your complexion and make you appear as if you are disappearing. Appearing absent lessens feelings of comfort, well-being and goodwill.

Color theories, regarding color and emotions exist, such as the notion that the color blue is calming and the color red is enticing. These theories fail to acknowledge the intricacies of color, as one hue of blue will not necessarily conjure the same feeling in two individuals.

Color is, in fact, a DNA driven experience. The C Color Ideology and Methodology is founded on this notion, that we will explore further in this blog post.

Understanding The C Color™ Methodology

C Color is the first and only company to quantify intuitive color preferences. Quantifying intuitive color preference is the specialty of C Color and the Ideology and the C Color Methodology will assist you in living life in your optimal color environment.

You are born with innate preferences toward colors. C Color has classified the myriad of colors in the world into four C Color Spectrums. The predominant base of the color determines the C Color Spectrum, that is one of the primary colors of blue, yellow and red.

C Color advocates that all the colors in your C Color Spectrum can evoke pleasant feelings, as the C Color Ideology is predicated on a color gene within your DNA. The colors that promote positive thinking may include the hues of blue, yellow, red and millions more.

When you choose and wear the colors from within your C Color Spectrum, you are following an inherent trait and as such, your overall appearance is elevated and you can look and feel your best. 

Can blue still calm and red entice? Absolutely, however, blues and reds in other C Color Spectrums will not evoke the same emotions in you, as the blues and reds in your C Color Spectrum.

Common practices, regarding color theory do not take into account a color gene. Likewise, not taken into account is that the predominant base of a color can create different emotional reactions in different individuals.

Most people think of colors as static, however, there are 16.7 million known hex codes, therefore, there are millions of each color in differing tones and shades, that can arouse divergent emotions in human beings.

For example there are millions of colors of red. Depending on the C Color Spectrum of a person, one color of red could entice, while another color of red could repel. Due to this reason, it is important to understand that certain colors could be unintentionally misused, when the objective is to impact emotions in a favorable manner. The same is true for all colors; green, orange and purple to name a few.

The color does not produce the favorable or unfavorable feelings, but, rather the predominant base of the color produces the positive or negative feelings.

Moreover, people often confuse the temperatures of colors. Makeup artists, stylists, designers and most others, categorize blues, greens and purples, as cool colors and reds, yellows, oranges, as warm colors and nothing could be further from the truth, as all colors can be cool or warm.

How Your C Color™ Spectrum Elicits Positive Emotions

The gene based C Color Ideology, resulted in the C Color Quiz and C Color App Methodology. The C Color Quiz directs you in determining your C Color Spectrum and the C Color App aids you in identifying the colors within your C Color Spectrum.

All of the colors within your C Color Spectrum can promote feelings of comfort, well-being and goodwill.

Conversely, when the colors in your environment are not a part of your inherent preferences, the colors can drain your energy, can cast a pall over your mood and can create a negative outlook.

C Color encourages you to create environments, such as living spaces, office spaces, driving/automobile spaces, websites spaces and all else in your world, with the colors from within your C Color Spectrum, as that can foster a plethora of favorable feelings, as you will be living in a color environment, based on your intrinsic preferences.

Step 1: Determine Your C Color Spectrum With The C Color™ Quiz

Take the five-minute, simple, intuitive and effective C Color Quiz to discover your natural desire for color. Select the image panels that you are instinctively drawn toward and that catch your eye, as in doing so you are following your inborn preferences. The accurate color results are based on intuitive selections, not thought choices. Thinking about your color choices will skew your results.

Below are some examples of how each of the four C Color Spectrums can wear red, orange and rust colors.

Notice the differences in the four C Color Spectrums;

  • C Color Spectrum 1 Red is Cool/Blue Based, Less Saturated, Rubbed with Ash
  • C Color Spectrum 2 Red is Cool/Blue Based, More Saturated
  • C Color Spectrum 3 Orange is Warm/Yellow Based, Moderately Saturated
  • C Color Spectrum 4 Rust is Warm/Red Based, Less Saturated, Rubbed with Earth


Step 2: Match Colors In Your World With The C Color™ App

The C Color App is your personal C Color Consultant, that is at your fingertips on our mobile device and instructs you in choosing the optimal color choices based on your innate DNA preferences.

After taking the C Color Quiz, utilize the C Color App Methodology to evaluate the colors in your world.

Simply take a photo at a distance of the item that you desire, adjust the Lighting and Filters features of the photograph, to match the color of the item that your eye sees, choose a zoomed in section of the pure color, even if blurred, to match and the C Color App will determine whether or not the color is optimal for you.

The Filters offered on the C Color App assist with the Lighting adjustments of the photograph that you have chosen to match.

The Lighting Slider offered on the C Color App assists with the Temperature of the photograph that you have chosen to match.

Take photographs of the items in your closet, in your living spaces, on your websites and everywhere else in your world, to determine whether or not the colors are optimal for you.

Step 3: Experience An Elevated Emotional State

Once all of the colors in your closet are within your C Color Spectrum, creating ensembles will be seamless, as you will have achieved color harmony. In other words, clothes coordinate and blend with mastery, resulting in convenience.

Similarly, once the colors in your environments are composed of the colors within your C Color Spectrum, all hues coordinate effortlessly, as well.

Since all individuals can wear virtually all colors it is unnecessary to immediately clothe yourself in your C Color Spectrum head to toe, however, is of the utmost importance that colors closest to the face are the colors within your C Color Spectrum.

Eventually, your wardrobe will consist mainly of the colors within your C Color Spectrum, as you are innately drawn to the colors and that will improve your overall countenance.

Feel Your Best With C Color™

Feeling is defined as an emotional state or reaction.

Well-being is defined, as the state of being comfortable, healthy or happy.

While C Color is based on science, the result of our color expertise is ultimately an outwardly expression of what is inside of all of us.

Confidently transition to your true self with your C Color Spectrum. The optimal colors can not only produce feelings well-being, but, also can enhance your appearance, can enable you to think more clearly, can motivate you to act your best, can assist you in absorbing new concepts more readily and distinctly and can aid you in healing.

The C Color App is the 21st Century Palette and Color Consultant and as the expert Eye is accurate, meets your color needs, answers your color questions, assists you in color decision making and saves you thousands of dollars by eliminating misguided color choices.

Look, Think, Feel, Act, Learn and Heal your best today with the C Color App!

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