When looking in the mirror, your eyes are drawn towards your face and as such, you might ask: “What color should I wear for my complexion?”

Your complexion, or any external feature, does not dictate the colors that enable you to look your best. Rather, these determinants reside within your DNA.

The Myth Regarding Complexion As A Factor In Color Consulting

The majority of color theories and consultants purport that external features such as hair colors, eye colors and complexion colors determine the category of colors that appear the best on you.

The challenge with the “external features” color theory is that it does not follow a linear or logical sequence, making the systems difficult to make sense of or follow.

There are multiple colors that reside in an individual’s eye color, hair color and complexion color.

Your complexion is not necessary one base color, such as red, pink, yellow, green, etc. Your skin, the largest organ of your body, is created with a myriad of colors.

Thus, determining a person’s optimal colors based on their external features is not only mind boggling, but, impossible.

Rethink The Colors That Enhance Your Appearance: Introducing The C Color Theory

C Color’s theory is based on a color gene within your DNA. Thus, the methodology focuses on the internal, rather than the external. C Color does not take external features, such as hair color, eye color or skin color into consideration, as they do not aid in determining your innate color preference.

The C Color theory differs from all other color theories and color companies. The revolutionary ideology is linear, can be logically followed, takes into account the 16.7 million hex codes or known identified colors and offers a methodology that is quick, simple and effective.

The C Color theory makes sense and enables you to look, think, feel, act, learn and heal your best.

C Color assists you in determining your C Color Spectrum, by tapping into your innate preferences. A C Color Spectrum is a collection of hundreds of thousands of hues that enhance our appearance.

C Color has classified the myriad of colors in the world into four C Color Spectrums. These colors are categorized by the base of the color, that is one of the primary colors of blue, yellow and red.

When you choose and wear the colors from your C Color Spectrum, you are following an intrinsic trait and as such, your complexion appears flawless and glows, therefore, enhancing your overall appearance.

Optimal makeup for various complexion colors.

Your Optimal Complexion Colors

Have you ever seen a person who you cannot stop yourself from staring at and you are unsure, as to why that is the case?

Chances are that person is clad in their inherent, gene based colors.

On the other hand, if the color is not in your C Color Spectrum, then the color will wear you, that means that others notice the hue, not you and the color will drain the life from your skin.

Think about people who appear tired, washed out or simply, rather invisible. You can be assured that those individuals are not clad in their inherent gene based colors.

For example, a beautiful young woman from Madrid who happens to be a Spectrum 3 told the C Color founder that she thought that if she wore all black people would be more inclined to notice her face.

That belief would have been true if this young woman was another C Color Spectrum, however, that is not the case with her C Color Spectrum.

In fact, it is the exact opposite, unless the color black was created with a warm yellow base, as that is the base of Spectrum 3 and appeared to be more of a “gunmetal” hue, the dark color will drain the life from her skin and she will appear invisible. Hence, the reverse of being noticed.

People with similarly colored complexions can appear drastically different in certain hues, as complexion is not a part of identifying the optimal colors for an individual.

Hair colors, makeup colors and accessory colors are of the utmost importance, as all are either on or near the face.

That being said, one can wear makeup colors or don accessories that transcend boundaries, such as the latest colors of the season or current trends, as colors that are aligned with your C Color Spectrum, will ensure that you appear radiant.

Take The C Color Quiz To Determine Your C Color Spectrum

To determine your C Color Spectrum, simply take the five minute C Color Quiz.

The C Color Quiz is simple, quick and effective and determines to which of the four C Color Spectrums you belong. Subsequently, the C Color App aids you in identifying your optimal colors.

The C Color App is your personal C Color consultant that is at your fingertips and assists you in making the optimal color choices, based on your innate DNA preferences.

Uncover Thousands Of Colors To Enhance Your Complexion

The favorable news is that there are millions of colors in the world and you have access to hundreds of thousands of those colors with the C Color App.

Simply ensure that the colors closest to your face are the colors within your C Color Spectrum, as that will guarantee that your complexion will glow and appear flawless.

The optimal colors not only enhance your complexion and appearance, but, can enable you to think more clearly, can produce feelings of well-being, can motivate you to act your best, can assist you in absorbing new concepts more readily and distinctly and can aid you in healing.

Discover The “Key To Success” With Color By Using The C Color App

The “Key To Success” is to be aware that the base of the color matters, although, in most cases, the base of the color is indiscernible to the eye.

The beauty of the C Color App is that the C Color methodology has been designed to identify the base of colors for you.

The C Color App, as the expert Eye is accurate, meets your needs, answers your questions, assists you in decision making and saves you thousands of dollars by eliminating misguided color choices.