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Who Uses
C Color

Who Uses
C Color

Choosing, wearing and utilizing optimal colors in your daily life can enhance your appearance and improve the quality of your life. That is the objective of C Color.

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Individuals of all ages and walks of life benefit from C Color: accountants, architects, artists, athletes, chefs, consultants, designers, doctors, engineers, entertainers, flight attendants, lawyers, physicians, teachers, technicians, waiters etc.

Industries of all types benefit from C Color: advertising, aircraft, automotive, beauty, beverage, cosmetic, education, entertainment, fashion, fitness, food, health, law, manufacturing, medical, political, publishing, retail, technology, transportation etc.

Scenarios Of Individuals Utilizing The C Color Methodology

You may be a business owner, exploring ways to enhance the appearance and atmosphere of your shop.

You may work in an office and desire more productivity.

You may be a student and require a new color coordinated wardrobe.

You may be interviewing for positions and are in the market for the optimal ensemble that will give a glow to your complexion and boost your confidence.

You may be a politician running for office and wish to appeal to voters and stand out amongst the other candidates.

You may be tired of wasting money on clothing that you never wear and are not sure why or furnishings in your household that you think were misguided color choices.

Individuals & Professionals That Utilize C Color


Color is an essential component for designers from all professions. Whether you are a clothing designer, interior designer, graphic designer, web designer etc., the C Color App will assist you in selecting colors that are within your clients’ C Color Spectrums.


The C Color App is vital for stylists of all types. Whether you are a hair, fashion or decor stylist, choosing the optimal colors, for your clients is key to your success, as well, as their successes.

Makeup Artists

Choosing the optimal cosmetic colors for your clients is paramount. The C Color App will identify colors from your clients’ C Color Spectrums, ensuring, that there is a glow and flawless aspect to their complexions.

Color Consultants

Professional color experts can use the C Color App, to ensure that the color advice that they are imparting to their clients is based on their innate/DNA preferences.


The C Color App assists individuals with making conscious color purchases. We all desire to purchase wisely, rather than to fill our closets and homes with clothing and items that are never worn, utilized or enjoyed. C Color will ensure that purchases are color correct.


Merchandisers are responsible for the aesthetic of shops and other retail environments. The C Color App will assist merchandising executives in creating environments, tailoring windows and all other types of advertising, that will appeal to customers’ innate color preferences.


The C Color App is crucial to the success of marketing campaigns. Marketing executives can gather data, regarding the C Color Spectrums’ of potential clients’, thus, ensuring that the campaigns utilize the optimal colors.


Color is a powerful tool and can empower, inspire and motivate leaders and their work forces. The C Color App will assist in identifying the optimal colors.

Color Curious

Interested in Color? Learn about the C Color, DNA based, Methodology.


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