What color clothes should I wear? It is the number one question people ask and it is an understandable inquiry.

The optimal colors set the tone for your day. There have been countless studies on how colors affect your happiness, healing and mood and that is just the beginning of the topic.

Why Do The Colors That You Wear Matter?

Living in your C Color Spectrum environment enables you to look, think, feel, act, learn and heal your best.

Think about your daily life; the color of your walls, the attire that you wear to a notable presentation, your first date or interview, the color of your car, the colors that you see when you are shopping for any item at all and you will realize that color influences every aspect of your world. When you utilize your optimal colors, your life is enhanced.

Wearing the colors of your C Color Spectrum will add a flawless aspect and glow to your complexion, boost your mood, improve your self-esteem and enhance your life. All resulting in improved self-confidence.

what color clothes

Think about the last outfit that you wore. Were you receiving compliments left and right?

If yes, the colors of the garments were in your C Color Spectrum. If not, then the colors of the garments colors were not in your C Color Spectrum.

Whether you are stuck in neutrals and are interested in jazzing up your attire or are simply willing to try something new, wearing color can seem like a confusing and complex concept. However, there is no need for despair, as the C Color methodology was created to assist you with the endeavor.

The C Color Quiz assists you in determining your C Color Spectrum.

The C Color App assists you daily in identifying your optimal colors and color environments.

Interested in learning about the C Color methodology? Check out our post: What Are The Four C Color Spectrums And What Do They Mean?

Which color clothes should I wear

What Is A C Color™ Spectrum?

There are four C Color Spectrums that you can read about here. Each C Color Spectrum consists of hundreds of thousands of colors and each color in a C Color Spectrum is created with a primary color.

Your C Color Spectrum is determined by your DNA.  A color gene is the source of your C Color Spectrum, thus, your preferences are innate.

Consequently, your C Color Spectrum has nothing to do with your hair color, eye color or complexion color.

How Do I Choose The Best Colors Every Day?

Choosing the optimal colors can be overwhelming. There are 16.7 million colors in the world. That is why we created the C Color Quiz and the C Color App. The C Color Quiz will assist you in determining your C Color Spectrum and the C Color App will assist you in identifying whether or not the colors are within your C Color Spectrum.

The C Color App is the Eye of your personal C Color Consultant, therefore, the next time that you are out shopping or browsing online simply take a photo and let the C Color App, identify the colors within your C Color Spectrum.

The C Color App, as the expert Eye is accurate, meets your needs, answers your questions, assists you in decision making and saves you thousands of dollars, by eliminating misguided color choices.

Check out the C Color App to determine your C Color Spectrum and start applying the methodology in your daily life.

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